Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ZZ-RS V1.7 + ZZ-R V1.7 eMule 0.49b



ZZ-RS V1.7 (eMule 0.49b)

+ Prevent Crash on Shutdown [MorphXT/leuk_he]
+ Update NodesDat Frequently [X-Ray/Avi3k]
+ TBH-AutoBackup [EastShare/Pretender]
+ Extended Credit Table Arragement [X-Ray/XMan]
+ Colored Category Column in SharedFilesWindow [morph4u]
+ Argos banncount in TranferWindow [morph4u]
+ Colored Clientstate [X-Ray/Morph/JvA]
+ Cache UDP Search Results [X-Ray/itsonlyme/Neo]
+ AICH Security [X-Ray/WiZaRd/eMulefuture]
+ UDP Reask security check [X-Ray/Spike2/netfinity]
+ Changed: Copy ZZ-R Stats to Clipstat [X-Ray/eMulefuture/WiZaRd]
+ Changed: QRdiff /Added Icons [X-Ray/Peace/JvA]
+ Tweak UploadQueue [NeoMule/David Xanatos]
+ Avoid Userhash collision [DreaMule/?]
+ Higher bantime limits (960min) [morph4u]




Thanks a lot

It's the most feature rich eMule mod out there. Have all what releases wish to have.
I use this mod most of the time and recommend it. Not only for areas with problematic internet connections like here, often down times and disconnects, slow upstream to international. The upload speed can be reduced if u need for a short time the uploadspeed to ftp/http or voice messenger without loosing the downloads in emule or run over the 1:3 limit barrier.


morph4u said...

ZZ-R/RS V1.7 Final

Little bug at datum in changelog.
Must be 07.12.08. ...have fun !



IlLusioN said...

thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Leider,wie die anderen ZZ....
Findet Quellen sehr schlecht.
Am schlimmsten ist es,wenn man
den Muli längere Zeit schon laufen
hat,und dann ein File dazu nimmt.

Sorry,das ich das nicht auf Englisch Posten kann :-((

Anonymous said...

schlimmer ist es wenn man emule wie ich 24/7 stunden laufen laesst, am morgen dann sieht das wegen ein paar isp disconnects, die hier sehr oft sind, sei es wegen des wetters, beim automatischen wiederverbinden, emule sich nicht mehr zum netz verbunden hat und der computer sinnlos lief. Das ist mir bei vielen mods aufgefallen.

Anonymous said...

finde insbesondere die vorhandenen und sich bei jeder erneuerung verbessernden auswahl der einstellungsmöglichkeiten von zz-rs/r einfach klasse! wieder einmal sehr gut gelunden. lob an morph4u!!!

Anonymous said...

what a shit is this that it doesnt work properly: clients auf der warteliste
0(2(6gebannt) ??????
full sharing!!

Anonymous said...

is this a page here for AcKroNiC 5.1 OR ZZ-R/RS 1.7????

Garcia said...

eMule Mods and Pimps Leecher includos. Along with the release of many eMule mods (modifications of the original eMule) on the Internet. Leeching (Download - Leecher) and seeding (Upload - Releaser).
If you use dlp you can not download from Thunder sources cause its blocked and we don't care if it's a leecher or not as long it give upload to other emule clients and mods.

Anonymous said...

eMule v0.48a [xl build37]
avarage upload rate 4.57 KB/s
file [中暑]

same: eMule v0.48a [20080505]

uploads to other clients!

Anonymous said...

It will be the same as banning lphant (closed source) from the emule net.

By QQDownload please change eMule Nickname [QQDownload]yourname ,

its original emule v0.48 [no mod tags] , bann is on the username default.

give by: [QQDownload]yourname another name: whateveryourname . It's banned on name [QQDownload]

it's since a year from the net by all eMule mods with usage of the DLP banned as bad username.

Anonymous said...

The RS version is not working properly. Only friends wil DL than. I wil try the R version now.

Anonymous said...

ZZ-R 1.7 works properly ONLY if you make NO changes on the "Protection" and leave them just as you have uploaded, otherwise you will have the same problem like by ZZ-rS 1.7 that you won't be able to see the clients that are on the queue.

morph4u said...


ZZ-R V1.7 Hotfix (eMule 0.49b)

+ Fixed Bug in Country-Filter
+ Fixed Bug in Stats
+ Changed: KadBoost switchable (ReaskTweaks)



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