Saturday, December 27, 2008

Web Downloader 1.0.9

Web Downloader - The software requires no installation and may work with 'relative paths', so can easily work from any portable device - like a USB pendrive.

You can select how fast, how many simultaneous downloads, were to save files to, change file names, etc.

Drag and drop links from the web browser to WebDownload's window, one at a time, or a large selection all together, and the software will extract and add each and all available links from the dropped selection.

Or monitor the clipboard for links to add from elsewhere..

So you just 'copy' a link to 'memory' from your browser or from anywhere else, and it immediately shows on the software's window, ready to download.

If you don't want clipboard monitoring, on 'copy' the link will show automatically show on the 'add..' dialog, ready to be added to the downloads list.

Can Stop and Resume downloads at will.

Supports downloading through a Proxy, with or without user authentication, configured on the 2nd page of preferences.

Supports also user authentication for secure webpages, or any page that requires it, as well as configurable 'referrer' - both imputed on the 'Edit' dialog, as those are link dependent.

Has option to get original file date and time from download server and keep it on downloaded files, among - a lot of - other nice things.

Also gets the correct filename for items added, for those URL that redirect the user to another place.

If you can, set the "Get real file 'data' on adding" option always select in preferences, as this will immediately get you the correct file name, file size and date of any file added.

You should check all options in 'preferences', as they let you configure almost everything necessary to not even see the software's window.

Window can be resized to a very small space, with option to stay on top for easier work. May show it's icon in the tray instead of the windows taskbar and can add, rename, download all, stop and exit, always in minimized state.

Also has a new utility to add a context menu item to your browser, turning it into a more user-friendly way to add links.

Cool small Download Manger. Below 500 kb only written in Delphi.


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