Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Source Editor

Source Editor for Windows 98, ME, 2K, XP, Vista
Copyright (c) Kovalev S., 2000 - 2008

You can edit next types of files: C/C++ (.c, .cpp, h), C# (.cs), Java (.java), Ix86 Assembler (.asm, .inc), Resources (.rc), Java Script (.js), Cascading Style Sheets (.css). So well edit web files and view them in the inner (or external) browser:
[07:57] <`dupe> XML (.xml, .config), Html (.html, htm), ASP.NET(.aspx, .asmx,...).
It can print source files in the graduated black & white. It can generate html-image for publication code in the Internet. It has some common automation (quick keys) for enclosing into remarks, quotes, and brackets. "Type Browser.NET" is written in the "Source Editor" and specially for C# files editing in the "Source Editor". You can compile source files from Source Editor - just associate extension with compiler. For compilation C/C++ (.c, .cpp), C# (.cs), Java(.java) and Assembler (.asm) files with different options, "Compile Plus" is included with already predefined options for cl.exe, csc.exe, ml.exe, javac.exe.

What's new:

March 2005.

"It's not supposed to use it as 'Developer Studio' - but it's useful
(I think) for beginners (students and...) and for 'simple' coding".

09.2008 - v
- Source Editor is reviewed to be run from removable disk.
- it will autodetect this state and will use some .ini files:
- Source Editor.ini for save-load all editor's settings
- ShellMenu.ini for F7 menu, as additional for registered items
- Projects_Local, Projects_Global.ini files - two sets of projects

- And, other programs (Programs, Notes SE,...)
were also 'a little' reviewed to be used in removable disk.

Enjoy it.

Source Editor and Compile Plus
From 10.07.2007 Source Editor and Compile Plus are freeware. Thanks for everybody who have already registered them.
The links in the Registration part are left for them - for anybody who will want to pay for, but of cause it's not obligatory at all.

Serguei Kovalev.
Tallinn, Estonia. 2000 - 2008


Links to download:


"Compile Plus" is an extension of "Program Plus" with prepared for compilation actions and options.
Compilation for the next types of files is prepared: C/C++, C#, Assembler and Java.

It is separated from "Source Editor". So it has the same parts for compilation ("RunProgram.exe", "Programs.exe", and .pif, .reg files) as the editor.

"Program Plus" is for programs which use options in their command lines, so there is the sense to divide their launch to separated actions regarding of options. "Program Plus" is also for placing these actions in the system menu - one associated with extension and another not associated - Send To.
It consists of 2 parts: program-manager ("Programs.exe") and run-with-options launcher ("RunProgram.exe").
And it is already used in the "Source editor" and "Compile Plus" for compilation.

This is a small program for editing .NET Applications Settings in its configuration files Program.exe.config. This program for Applications End Users - it means usualy programmer edit this xml files in the text or other editor. But for end users edit these files may be a little complicated...

all in one: 2.36 MB

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