Saturday, December 20, 2008

eMule 0.49b SharkX 1.5 Beta 3

eMule 0.49b SharkX 1.5 Beta 3SharkX 1.5B3 - 20/12/08

remove : make source add action thread safe (Enig123)
change : flush thread to avoid race condition in buffer from Xtreme v7.1 beta (Xman)
change : update embedded text within splash (Hateman)
fix : preview for ICS (taz)

SharkX 1.5B2 - 17/12/08

change : revert options->security->"upload ipfilter" to official + reset ipfilter ed2k version (taz)
change : allow more source request even if Source Cache (for file) is not getting empty (taz)
change : slotcontrol (+ slotfocus) from eMuleFuture v0.7 (WiZaRad)
fix : adjust DBR to buffered data (0.49b code) from MorpHXT v11.1
fix : official bug of log lines not saved (taz)
update : new splash (Hateman)

Bin from src original: emule_0.49b_sharkx_v1.5_beta_3_bin.rar 3.4 MiB

change: splash jpg's and sidebanner bmp to a smaller size
DDL Source Code: emule0.49b_sharkx_v1.5_beta3_src.rar 5.24 MiB

Put these directories where you have put the srchybrid and id3lib
directories from the corresponding eMule source release.
Then open the solution srchybrid\emule_vc71-all.sln, and press compile. All libs
will be built automatically, and then eMule will be built using them.
< Not a Leecher Mod !!! >

Diffs (replace the .cpp/.h files by compiling) //changes remark



Anonymous said...

Here is and This "should" be a Page for LEECHER-MODs and N O T for not leecher-mods; so pls do not declare this mod (SharkX...) as a leecher-mod! Thank you.

Garcia said...

If you can not read here is written it's NOT a Leecher mods! IT depence how you edit the src files b4 compiling!

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