Friday, December 5, 2008

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.10 081205

Compiling instruction (recommend to use Visual Studio .NET 2003)
1.Copy rcdll.dll to Vc7\bin under the installation directory of Visual Studio .NET 2003.(in order to use special icons under Vista)
2.Open easyMule_Libs.sln and execute 'build solution'.(easyMule_Libs.sln contains libraries which easyMule depends on)
3.Open easyMule.sln and compile it.

VeryCD 电驴(easyMule) 1.0.10 稳定版[2008-12-05]
* fixed bug:选项中勾选检查磁盘空间的时候,无法添加http下载任务
* fixed bug:用户无法提交文件评论
* 优化下载页上传中以及分享上传中的显示效率
* 优化内置浏览器性能和其它相关用户体验

VeryCD eDonkey (easyMule) 1.0.10 version of the stability of the 0.48a converting from 0.47 emule base code [2008-12-05]

* Fixed bug: Check the option of checking the disk space, the task can not add http download
* Fixed bug: the user can not comment on a paper
* Optimize the download page as well as to share upload to upload the show efficiency
* Built-in browser to optimize performance and other relevant user experience

the source compiling procedure:
Here the source code:
mirror: easyMule-VeryCD-src.rar 7.02 MB
the src is easyMule v1.0.9 if compile it. self compiled results from the src gives a mystery.

My idea for changes:

- Modstring - Build number (date) custom to the prefs
- rip webbrowser/http features/update/bho / saves a lot of code
- change dlp update with official xtreme source
- upload speed to download speed throttler remove / save some code
- customize to the prefs comm boost factor read username...

submit your build by submit news.

Yvajaemie C++ programisti
Kto-nibyd' pojalysta mojet sobrat' etot MOD bez vsyakih problem so vnimaniem na VeryCD dlp i ydalit minimym skorost zakachivaniya i ydalit vstavleniy webbroyzer.
Pojalysta, opyblikyite pryamo zdes'.

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