Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The eMule mod Blacklist DLP

There seems to be a hickup in the Official DLP!
It ban all Turkey Comms with random mod strings but no Israel AJ Comms with random Modstrings!!!
Don't panic, we'll make a better one!

A personal opinion

Reasons why not using the official Xtreme mod DLP:

1. it conflicts between non gpl breaker mods and rule breaker mods
2. it's mainly done for emule user in china or xtreme mod users while extreme mod don't have much features exept the dlp control panel options page like in very cd mods (see ban list in all xtreme mod dlp source codes)
3. instead of a blacklist as taz wrote a whitelist 'official mods' hosted on and presented on the official emule website '' should be only accepted.
4. no propper source code by verycd + comm boost in 99% of the mod versions, official update removed hides from users that emule is in version 0.49b already. No source by eXcalibur < this mod is most poison. the exe bin is asprotected stronger as commercial software like dvdfab. two everse Engineering boards can confirm it. Nor can be found sources for acat mods or chn 7 mods. > the dlp is for users in China exclusive.
5. read more relevant:, nope there is no problem by reading. the english is good enough to understand !
6. Those who made this list and them supporters have no idea about mods that should be in there and not. Most are newbees, you will found out if you research. Some are unable to search the web for source codes and comment // no source, other mods with no source code or fake source code links are just skiped from the dlp.

here is a dlp with the following 'new' special rules.

- bowlfish is excluded using propper exlude rules. In VeryCD's Antileech dlp Bowlfish is banned since June 2008
- hardstyle (no hardcoded specific comm boost) excluded see friendboost in eastshare mods also brazil mod dreamule -> see source
- lphant (usenext ads) no source code
- shareaza 2.4.0 temporary added (this final version only)
- chinese mods added where no source or impropper source only exist, bad mods which installs by executing a bho and set unwanted windows registry entries. latest sample eMule_v0.48a_eXcalibur_v1.84.7z - eMule_v0.48a_eXcalibur_v1.85.7z
- some israel comm mods added - no source
- also block country short names in username (emule is international so the comms should not mark nationalist)

-/+ see lphant but better shares bitcomet emule plugin, many tuotu and some xunlei builds makes upload speed to all ed2k users as closed source like official emule. QQDownload does realy no upload or quite slow upload speed like the old cyrex mod.
Tuotu is better as flashget using the same content and do not contain or install ads with the software. emuleBT was the smallest all in one downloader tool in less than 1 mb compiled with vs7.1 a single exe file (developer did also provide a src on the homepage). It use as much as emule plus from original emule code. cn-7 will be most up to date clean mod if there will be a src w/o acat's stats dll port and can be introduced on emule-project.

play fair, stay neutral

so it have to be the exclude rule by Bad Modstring Scheme. But its useless cause all random modstrings from 4 to 6 (7 ) letters long (with one or two capital letters) follow by number dot number as version (no v. or r before version numbers sample Smbjhz 3.2) pass through this imperfect scheme. Exclude rules here:

//WiZaRd Bad Modstring Scheme
CString strMod = CString(modversion);
if( strMod.IsEmpty() ||
//(strMod.Find(_T("CHN "))==0 && strMod.GetLength() > 7) || //no source
(strMod.Find(_T("Apollo"))==0) || //Apollo is a Portugal Mod
(strMod.Find(_T("Bowlfish"))==0) || //Bowlfish is a Portugal Mod by canina_pt
(strMod.Find(_T("TK4 V"))==0) || //make sure tk4 mods get not banned in new modstr scheme
(strMod.Find(_T("sivka"))==0) ||
(strMod.Find(_T("Xtreme 5."))==0 && strMod.GetLength() > 10) //old testversion of Xtreme, never seen anyone still use this old version
;//do nothing

make emule leecher mod by self collect code snips and install vs 2005 +sp. download only source codes and do what you want. It's not much more difficult as creating with 7zip nlite addons or portable apps. emule mods without source given is a good advice not to make use of a modstring feature at all and don't use a modname or if it's based on a 'official mod' do not change the modname. do not fix (hardcode) nick name/addon or send extras in the ed2k protocol otherwise the dlp could ban in the locations (countries) its mainly in use.

Download DLP for Europe / Middle East / Russia / America North and South / Austral Asia / Africa

Source code:


temp mirrors / a sourceforge project have been signed up

VeryCD Team:
"the gpl is not violated by very cd mods. merkur or whoever else may comment as much as he desires, the gpl does not care about the nature of the change. it only cares about releasing the proper sources for the final bin."
VeryCD Team:
there is a difference between violating the gpl and violating official rules. official rules are made up by the official devs for a good reason. violating them means VeryCD violates the network but it does not mean VeryCD violate the gpl.

Otherwise will be:

- Official eMule update can be removed, changed, language files download as well
- all codes where is written commented by merkur do not change or comment out/remove can be changed or comment out.
- community boost priority //added by kernel1983 2006.08.01 is allowed
- community boost priority disabled for foreigner builds #ifndef _FOREIGN_VERSION in baseclient, by the preferences //added on 2008.8.26 by VC-dgkang
- kad boost on sources etc... between the verycd clients is allowed
- give all mods if you don't want to give out the source code the name beta

Order one and u get 100 each confirm that it is not a leecher mod cause non did ever check the source code from 2006 up to the latest builds after Aug. 08

The boost which is a leecher feature is in all mod builds coded. You have to care about capital letters and to write the tag full in username : [CHN][VeryCD]

if a Chinese mod is against the rules, i will ban it too.

baseclient.cpp VeryCD Mod all builds up to 24.12.2008

//VeryCD°æ£¬»ý·Öµ÷Õû added by kernel1983 2006.08.01
#if 0 //ÍêÈ«È¡ÏûµôVeryCDµÄ¼Ó·Ö»úÖÆ ºÍ¹Ù·½°æÒ»Ñù 2008Äê8ÔÂ26ÈÕ
//VC-dgkang 2008Äê7ÔÂ8ÈÕ
CString strBuffer = this->GetUserName(); //»ñµÃ¶Ô·½µÄNick
if (
strBuffer.Find(_T("[VeryCD")) != -1 || strBuffer.Find(_T("[CHN]")) != -1 ||
(thePrefs.UseCreditSystem() && credits->GetScoreRatio(GetIP())!=1) ||
(currequpfile->GetUpPriority() == PR_VERYHIGH) ||
(IsEmuleClient() && (GetAvailablePartCount() > 0) || (m_nDownloadState == DS_DOWNLOADING))||
fBaseValue += 19900; //Ôö¼Ó»ý·Ö

if (thePrefs.UseCreditSystem())

one or everyone can add boost on username / community must be allowed by every mod or forbidden by all emule based mods.

VeryCD°æ£¬»ý·Öµ÷Õû added by kernel1983 2006.08.01
#ifndef _FOREIGN_VERSION if this is grayed out in compiler it will not compile it in!!!
#if 0 //ÍêÈ«È¡ÏûµôVeryCDµÄ¼Ó·Ö»úÖÆ ºÍ¹Ù·½°æÒ»Ñù 2008Äê8ÔÂ26ÈÕ
//VC-dgkang 2008Äê7ÔÂ8ÈÕ
CString strBuffer = this->GetUserName(); //»ñµÃ¶Ô·½µÄNick
if (
strBuffer.Find(_T("[VeryCD")) != -1 strBuffer.Find(_T("[CHN]")) != -1
(thePrefs.UseCreditSystem() && credits->GetScoreRatio(GetIP())!=1)
(currequpfile->GetUpPriority() == PR_VERYHIGH)
(IsEmuleClient() && (GetAvailablePartCount() > 0) (m_nDownloadState == DS_DOWNLOADING))
fBaseValue += 19900; //Ôö¼Ó»ý·Ö
^- shows clearly here is if not 'define Foreign' version a community boost in all mods present.
Research all source codes back to year 2006

more in preference.cpp etc..

this mods stay w/o source: emule 0.48 PEERATES mod ? ; Orangespirit ; teamdow ; and 5 more but this is the unwritten part which conflicts the request to create a modname white list and exlude all 'unaproved' mods which have never been shown up to this open source project homepage.


Anonymous said...

exclude in bad modstr scheme

[Bad Modstring Scheme](IP ban)- Client 7128030@ ( '(PeSf) [] Dare to share [R-Mod] [gYrUhii]' (eMule v0.49b [R-Mod v3.0a],None/None/None)

source exist. pP: SessionRatio removed but //>> pP: ActiveRatio [netfinity]
//>> pP: Active Ratio - Adjust download speed so session ratio never drops below 1:3
// This is used to prevent excessive abuse
// Don't limit for the first few bytes of download
added see downloadqueue.cpp "UploadQueue.h" //>> pP: ActiveRatio [netfinity] same as by Al!as mod:

[AEdit](score *0.5)- Client 8122744@xx.233.30.103 ( ' (CCghL) [SKyQDq] ' (eMule v0.49b,None/None/None)
//Check for aedit
//remark: a unmodded emule can't send a space at last sign
if(modversion.IsEmpty() && username.Right(1)==32)
return _T("AEdit");

Anonymous said...

Alias_1.0a_bin.7z 2.52 MB
Alias_1.0a_src.7z 3.23 MB
eMule v0.49bspace

Anonymous said...

no problem by Israel AJ. All mods still work:
eMule v0.49b [Vebuuiwecq 9.9]
eMule v0.49b [Taqwyog 1.8]
eMule v0.49b [Roxibytndw 0.7]
eMule v0.49b [Rmuaoiuax 7.5]
eMule v0.49b [Ofxpakd 0.1]
eMule v0.49b [Objrqukfow 5.0]
eMule v0.49b [Jakuiai 2.7]
eMule v0.49b [Fkisguf 0.0]
eMule v0.49b [Eatienaikh 0.2]
eMule v0.49b [Atjnnelako 7.8]
eMule v0.48a [Obhlwf 6.6]
eMule v0.48a [Zqfbitowy 9.4]

kidding all people who use it.

Bad Joke wtf

Just good enough to trash the dlp dll file

It doesn't protect at all.

DarkRider said...

Use Tuxman's AnalZZUL, Beba or Taz Ackronic, SharkX 1.5b4 are much better with CA as stupid DLP shit !!!! If DLP than ZZ-R with custom Argos and user editable Modstr and username ban system as this ready done ban list crap what you can not edit or change anymore without compiler you are lost with this what they give you as compiled junk

Antonio said...

New SharkX 1.5 Beta 4 to test

SharkX 1.5B4 - 25/12/08

adjust : slot control to SharkX options select (taz)
optimize : @@uploadbandwidththrottler::runinternal
add : optional shift of FunnyNick tag to end from StulleMule v6.1 (Stulle)
fix : fix userhash collision from Xtreme v7.1 (DreaMule)
add : dedicated flag for showing flags for files - IP2Country extention (taz)
add : Bad Modstring Scheme detection from DLP v36 (WiZaRd)

SharkX 1.5B3 - 20/12/08

remove : make source add action thread safe (Enig123)
change : flush thread to avoid race condition in buffer from Xtreme v7.1 beta (Xman)
change : update embedded text within splash (Hateman)
fix : preview for ICS (taz)

SharkX 1.5B2 - 17/12/08

change : revert options->security->"upload ipfilter" to official + reset ipfilter ed2k version (taz)
change : allow more source request even if Source Cache (for file) is not getting empty (taz)
change : slotcontrol (+ slotfocus) from eMuleFuture v0.7 (WiZaRad)
fix : adjust DBR to buffered data (0.49b code) from MorpHXT v11.1
fix : official bug of log lines not saved (taz)

Direct Link:

eMule 0.49b - SharkX_v1.5-beta4_src.rar


e-sipa said...

You guys can consider using this:

IlLusioN said...

Thanks a lot this is the best dlp!

Forget about the official dlp. The official dlp kills mods which give upload to all but let mods without upload undetected.

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