Thursday, December 18, 2008

VMProtect Professional v1.63

VMProtect is a completely new software protection tool. Unlike most available protectors, VMProtect modifies the source code of the program. VMProtect transforms parts of code in the file being protected into a program (bytecode hereinafter) executed on the virtual machine (VM hereinafter). You can also think of VM as a virtual processor with a system of commands really different from that used in Intel 8086 processors. For example, VM has no commands responsible for comparing two operands, there are no conditional and unconditional jumps, etc.

Supported compilers:
-Borland C Builder
-Visual C/C++
-Visual Basic (native)
-Virtual Pascal

Supported formats (x32 and x64):

Supported operation systems:
-Windows 95/98
-Windows ME
-Windows NT
-Windows 2000
-Windows XP
-Windows 2003
-Windows Vista

Homepage and Download:
Mirror: VMProtect163.rar 1.35 MB

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