Monday, December 8, 2008

Thunder Special Edition - NoAds

XunLei Thunder is another type of multi-resource-based Hyper-Threading technology of download software. As a Download tool in the the broadband era, Thunder is special optimized to take full advantage of the characteristics of broadband Internet access. High-speed download users enjoy a new experience! At the same time, Thunder launched the "smart download" new ideas through a wealth of tips and intelligence to help to enable users to download and enjoy fun.

Due to lack of technology, look at the Thunder play 15 seconds before the ad used to replace the old version. However, the same high-definition support, does not affect any results.

Just play, all based on revised information on-line, non-original!

Thunder (2008.12.1)
# Look at the Thunder-on-demand optimization of scheduling, play a more fluent
# Amendment to Vista may not find the decoder Bug
# Vista as a result of amendments to redirect function led to the re-IE can not start after Thunder Thunder, Thunder testing version of the Bug
# Vista system can not be amended to preserve the volume of the BUG
# Amendment to IE when high-definition channels from the collapse of the BUG
# Amendment to the bottom edge caused by the collapse of the broadcast bug

AdsFree Special Version 2008-12-07:

Download site:

Mirror: Thunder5.8.7.639-Special.exe 7.36 MB

English Language Pack:
Language Pack English (All Credits to HeHeHunter): Mirror:
other versions: -

Instruction how to make Thunder English:

This is another ression why not using Antileech DLP's (antileech.dll) in emule:

The Thunder eMule feature from XunLei give upload to eMule:
to block the resources via dlp [ip block by Thunder] limits the network ressources even more!

Thunder is closed source (CHN-7 Mod ed2k link source don't exist, It's emule original + several bugfixes, features to the gui are from Xtreme the cpp property page for the antileech.dll control)
Like Iphant (just no usenext ads in the emule module)
BitComet emule dll plugin is emule via the exe loader and give upload to all emule and mods same as the original emule to the net.

Thank you very much!

XunLei Thunder and VC + latest Xtreme DLP emule module modstring ban:

replace emule.dll in Thunder dir:


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