Saturday, November 29, 2008

eMule 0.49b CN-7 Build 191 Final sse/sse2 Builds

eMule 0.49b CN-7 Build 191 Final sse/sse2


full changelog:

31 Aug. 2008
Fix: fix a minor bug in PartFile.cpp by fox88
Keywords: uint64 uGapSize = cur_gap->end - cur_gap->start;
Changed code in: PartFile.cpp

1 Sep. 2008
Drop the following features completely:
Enig123::Made download overhead optional
Enig123::MORPH count tcp overhead from download

Strip unused codes
Keywords: m_numberOfSentBytesControlPacket GetSentBytesControlPacketSinceLastCallAndReset()
Changed code in: EMSocket.h EMSocket.cpp

2008-9-2 15:00:27: Removing client from upload list: CUpDownClient::Disconnected: Connectiontry Timeout Client: '[CHN][VeryCD]yourname' (eMule v0.48a [VeryCD 080828],None/Connecting/None) Transferred: 45 secs SessionUp: 0 Bytes QueueSessionPayload: 0 Bytes In buffer: 0 Bytes Req blocks: 0 File: xxxxxx.rmvb

5 Sep. 2008
Splitter Invalidate, Repaint Splitter (ServerWnd) by moloko+
Tagged as: Enig123::Ref:
Keywords: CServerWnd::ReattachAnchors()
Changed code in: ServerWnd.cpp

Added Vagaa detection code
Keywords: Vagaa
Changed code in: BaseClient.cpp

8 Sep. 2008
Upload Choose Algorithm change - give pending client score proportional to the actual upload amount that targetclient get
Tagged as: give pending client score proportional to the actual upload amount that targetclient get
Changed code in: UploadQueue.cpp

9 Sep. 2008
Put "community userhash ban" function from main program to dlp.dll
Changed code in: BaseClient.cpp

Upgraded codes of dlp.dll project

Added UDPReaskSecurityCheck (originally from NetFinity)
Tagged as: X-Ray :: UDPReaskSecurityCheck
Changed code in: DownloadClient.cpp

Comment out debug log line to prevent spam for release
Tagged as: Enig123::prevent debug log line spam for release
Changed code in: ClientUDPSocket.cpp

Also I should study these:
Nodes.dat Is Saved Only At App Close

Missing Code In Listensocket.cpp?, Missing reaction to OP_REQUESTFILENAME
Crash In Cemsocket

10 Sep. 2008
Added File Faker check
Tagged as: Enig123::File Faker check by JvA from X-Ray mod
Changed code in: updownclient.h UploadClient.cpp DownloadClient.cpp ListenSocket.cpp UploadQueue.cpp BaseClient.cpp
Dropped Eventually! seems no use at all

Code cleanups
Changed code in: UploadQueue.cpp

SR13-Import-Parts code review
idea & original implementation by roversr13

last version updated by roversr13:
Sr13-importparts-003 (45b Based), Last Updated: 2005/04/07

latest revised version from MorphXT
Tag keyword: Import Part

Added Files: SR13-ImportParts.h SR13-ImportParts.cpp
Changed Files: CorruptionBlackBox.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp eMule.rc eMuleDlg.h eMuleDlg.cpp KnownFile.h PartFile.h PartFile.cpp SharedFileList.h SharedFileList.cpp

11 Sep. 2008
vagaa detection to community hardban
display vagaa client via NickName (test stage only)
Let's see how vagaa behaves like. Is it deserve softban?

12 Sep. 2008
Added SR13 Import Parts from MorphXT code
Tagged as: Enig123::SR13 Import Parts
Changed code in: CN_Features.h CorruptionBlackBox.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp eMule.rc lang/zh_CN.rc eMuleDlg.h eMuleDlg.cpp KnownFile.h PartFile.h PartFile.cpp SharedFileList.h SharedFileList.cpp resource.h TitleMenu.h TitleMenu.cpp

Simplification & Optimization of randQueue implementation
Really a lot of changes
Changed code in: updownclient.h UploadClient.cpp BaseClient.cpp UploadQueue.h UploadQueue.cpp QueueListCtrl.cpp

13 Sep. 2008
Added Minor Bugfix For Filtertext On Language Change by WiZaRd
Tagged as: Enig123::Minor Bugfix For Filtertext On Language Change (WiZaRd)
Changed code in: SharedFilesWnd.h SharedFilesWnd.cpp SearchResultsWnd.h SearchResultsWnd.cpp

15-16 Sep. 2008
Solve some CN_zh lang problems

17 Sep. 2008
Minor optimizations and adjustments

18 Sep. 2008
Added Xman skip High-CPU-Load with minor bugfix
Tagged as: Enig123::Xman skip High-CPU-Load (minor fix applied)
Changed code in: UploadQueue.cpp

more code cleanups

20 Sep. 2008
always transfer full chunks
Tagged as: Enig123::always transfer full chunks when using random upload choose
Changed code in: UploadQueue.h UploadQueue.cpp

21 Sep. 2008
morph extra suprious verbose tracking - tracking bad request ban
Tagged as: Enig123::morph extra suprious verbose tracking
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp ClientList.cpp
Dropped!! no need to

Added Improved Upload Caching
Note: ACAT SpeedMeasurer for uploading slot now uses 15 sec window to calculate
Tagged as: Enig123::Improved Upload Caching by WiZaRd
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp

Analyze the following logs - should we ban it?:
2008-9-21 15:21:34: Error: Invalid or corrupted packet received - while processing eDonkey packet: opcode=OP_HELLO size=117; IP=
2008-9-21 15:27:50: Error: Invalid or corrupted packet received - while processing eDonkey packet: opcode=OP_HELLO size=117; IP=

2008-9-21 15:46:30: Unknown eMule Protocol Opcode: 0xf8, Size=22, Data=[57 63 d1 7f a8 5f 51 8e 40 82 43 41 38 91 09 7b 7b 70 d3 99 ce 1b]; Client= '[CHN][VeryCD]gump9' (eMule v0.48a [VeryCD 080828],Downloading/None/None)

2008-9-21 16:14:58: Ignored DirectCallback Request because this IP ( has sent too many request within a short time

22 Sep. 2008
Change Improved Upload Caching to NetFinity's way
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp

Added Advanced Download Throttling
Changed code in: CN_Features.h EMSocket.h EMSocket.cpp DownloadQueue.cpp PartFile.cpp

23 Sep. 2008
Improved NetFinity's upload caching - by Enig123
Note: use short window speedMeasurer (5 sec time window) for lowwater value
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp
Apr 6 2006, 01:16 AM
In order to reduce disk acceses with high speed connections, you have to
start buffering just before the buffers runs dry (the last cached block
has begun sending) and then cache as many blocks as possible. It is the
difference between the low and high-watermark of the buffer that keeps
down the disk accesses, not the size of the buffer itself.

GetQueueSessionPayloadUp() - this is what timeover used with

25-27 Sep. 2008
Test for upload capacity when SO_SNDBUF changed in EMSocket.cpp

Revisit and clean code in EMSocket.cpp

27 Sep. 2008
Added check if the file is known/shared by Avi-3k
Tagged as: Enig123::check if the file is known/shared - Avi-3k
Changed code in: DownloadQueue.cpp

Change some uint64 variables to uint32 in EMSocket
Changed code in: EMSocket.h EMSocket.cpp UploadClient.cpp

29 Sep. 2008
Added CriticalPacketFix from X-Ray
Tagged as: Enig123::CriticalPacketFix
Changed code in: EMSocket.cpp packets.h packets.cpp

3 Oct. 2008
CSearchList::ProcessSearchAnswer @ SearchList.cpp

Partially added Maella - Upload Stop Reason
Note: only affect randCS redistribution when the remote client cancelled or finished
Tagged as: Enig123::Maella - Upload Stop Reason
Changed code in: ClientStateDefs.h UploadQueue.h UploadQueue.cpp ClientDetailDlg.cpp ListenSocket.cpp UploadClient.cpp

4 Oct. 2008
Added Xman client percentage
Tagged as: Enig123::Xman client percentage
Changed code in: updownclient.h BaseClient.cpp UploadClient.cpp DownloadClient.cpp MuleListCtrl.h DownloadClientsCtrl.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp QueueListCtrl.cpp UploadListCtrl.cpp

5 Oct. 2008
Added optimization within UploadBandwidthThrottler.cpp
Note: substitute float poit number calculations by equivalent interger one to reduce cpu usage

mldonkey fareness discussion:
Mldonkey-spam, What's that?!

some more research on lupzz's patch
Upload Throttling Performance Improvements, support for high speeds on single slot

Download site:
You may need ip-to-country.csv, countryflag.dll, countryflag32.dll (The 2 dll's for showing the flags are newer in this mod as in other mods) from:

< NO Leecher Mod. Fast upload and download. Check it out! >

extras to do in emule dir:

For the Audio and Videofiles header handle in eMule

* Albanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese Traditional), Turkish, Italian, German, Polish languages updated
* #2216498, LPCM in VOB: more attributes (channels count, sampling rate, bitrate)
* #2182135, Wavpack: support of multichannel files
* AVC: detection of the newest profiles
* DTS: detection of DTS-HRA, DTS-MA, DTS-Express, thanks to
* AES3 PCM in MPEG-TS detection
* Wavpack: Encoder settings
* WMV with "WVC1" codec identifier: video interlacement
* MPEG-4: E-AC-3 support
* #2186682, MPEG-2 Video: Wrong PAR and DAR for Panasonic MPEG2 Files
* MPEG-4: some AC-3 and AAC specific files reported wrong channels value

Download 32 bit:
64 bit:

Download complete with language files and extras:


Anonymous said...

A prefect Mod.

IlLusioN said...

Thanks you

Mod must work fast cause it have all latest official bugfixes and improvements on 0.49b eMule Version

Anonymous said...

Upnp works here perfect with my router.

By many others it don't work for me to forward with upnp ports or by disconnect it don't connect again with high id.

Anonymous said...

This "should" be a place for leecher-mods (???), besides is (was) it really needed giving all those "useful" details/specifications? Thank you for "understanding"!

Anonymous said...

leecher mod?

oh yeah oh yeah oh my god !

chinese ≠ leecher !


Anonymous said...

no upload via special compiled dlp work

Anonymous said...

What to change to no up with it???

//DLP = Dynamic Leecher Protection


Anonymous said...

see: StrStrI(clientversion,_T("

Anonymous said...

this makes no up to very old emule version 0.48a

StrStrI(clientversion,_T("eMule v0.48a"))

add below
||StrStrI(clientversion,_T("eMule v0.95g")) //korea

||StrStrI(clientversion,_T("eMule v0.48a"))

Anonymous said...

this makes no up to very old emule version 0.48a

StrStrI(clientversion,_T("eMule v0.48a"))

add below
||StrStrI(clientversion,_T("eMule v0.95g")) //korea

||StrStrI(clientversion,_T("eMule v0.48a"))

Anonymous said...

oh yeah oh yeah oh my god !
DLP AntiLeech can make leecher mod !


Anonymous said...

how ironic

Anonymous said...

will this not reduce the download too except argos is in a mod?

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting thing to work on the antileecher.dll
I din't know that so many hunting for mod strings and others. I just inspect the //comments in this file

StrStrI(modversion, _T("FlowerPower"))|| /WiZaRd
...//added dlarge

ok I believe it and test it now with some changes.

Anonymous said...

huh can this be
StrStrI(modversion, _T("VeryCD 080730")) || //Fake VeryCD

VeryCD 080730//Fake VeryCD is inside too

this must be wrong is it not:

StrStrI(modversion, _T("VeryCD")) || //VeryCD added by Antibooster


Anonymous said...

antiLeech - 0 error(s), 3 warning(s)
========== Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

Anonymous said...


Aron71 said...

Please do only the changes no upload using this dll. Don't write here all Mods which are inside and not. No on interested to using it as Leeching.


If mods by modname inside from my sites, I can not held. Use random modstring or whatever to be protected form it. Hunters are everywhere in hope to found another stupid leecher mod that could be indented by antileech.

Send the file with submit new to the left

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