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فاحص الملفات العربي FastScanner v2.0

[at4re] FastScanner v2.0
$$$ FastScanner Version 2.0 By AT4RE Team $$$

[ Build Date ] : 15 - 11 - 2008

[ Signatures Date ] : 15 - 11 - 2008


[ Description ]

- FastScanner is a Detector for most packers , cryptors and compilers for PE Files Programmed in ASM and designed for ýfast access to most needed plugins .


FastScanner v2.0 Change log:

1- Arabic interface now available.
2- New Skin for both the scanner and the PE-Editor.
3- Bug Fixed in the scanning algorithm. Now, it's more powerful.
4- Updated signature file to detect most compilers, packers and protectors.
5- Add a TotalScan button in the scanner.
6- Add a Disasm button in the scanner.
7- Add a sections viewer button in the scanner's main window.
8- Display the signature file date in the scanner's main window.
9- Add a new plugin to detect and save overlay.
10- Add a new plugin => Signs-Imitator.
11- Bug fixed in the Add-Sig plugin.
12- Big update in the PE-Editor plugin:
a- section viewer and editor ( add section - delete section - edit section header).
b- new buttons to view exports and imports table.
c- new tab to view and edit the PE's directory table.
d- new tab to view and dump any process from memory.
e- make a backup copy of the modified files


AT4RE TEAM [ Arab Team 4 Reverse Engineering ] @ 2008 , ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

واخيرا وبفضل الله تم اطلاق النسخة الثانية و الجميلة من فاحص الملفات العربي AT4RE FastScanner
كما تعلمون ان البرنامج مبرمج بالكامل بالاسمبلي وكل اضافات البرنامج مبرمجة ايضا بالاسمبلي. -

رابط تحميل مباشر النسخة الانجليزية
Download link directly English version - Mirror: FastScanner_v2.0_English_version.rar 611.25 KB

رابط تحميل مباشر النسخة العربية
Download link directly Arabic version - Mirror: FastScanner_v2.0_Arabic_version.rar 642.08 KB

Arab Team 4 Reverse Engineering
الفريق العربي للهندسة العكسية
منكم وإليكم والسلام عليكم

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