Friday, November 7, 2008

eMule v0.49b MagicAngel v3.5

Changelog for eMule v.49b [Magic Angel v3.5]

MERGED: to eMule 0.49b MorphXT 11.1 [gomez82]
UPDATED: DLP(XMan/Stulle/zzfly00) [gomez82]
UPDATED: German Language File(Tiboke) thx ;)

this is beta not tested very well,
some things maybe don't work as expected ...



Hope u have no Problem with that sfrqlxert and evcz i always liked MA so i did that merge

Changelog for eMule v.48a [Magic Angel v3.1]
- 05 july 2007
MERGED: to MorphXT v10.1 [evcz]
ADDED: *LOGGING-ONLY* - Secure Source Exchange (beta) - Detects clients sending source response with invalid ips [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Crash with Secure Source Exchange in 3.1beta1 when adding an ed2k link with IP [evcz]
ADDED: [EMULATE]Emulate Community Nick Addon (*only clients not punished are emulated*) [evcz]
FIXED: Load from preferences MA and MA+ creditsystem correctly [evcz]
FIXED: Link in server window pointing to Magic Angel homepage [evcz]
FIXED: Leecher Icon overlay [evcz]
ADDED: AJ-community-detection by userhash, code from xtreme 6.1 (GPL breaker punishmet used) [evcz]

bin: eMule-v0.49b-MagicAngel-v3.5-bin-updated-AddOns.rar
older: eMule-v0.49b-MagicAngel-v3.5-bin.rar

src: eMule-v0.49b-MagicAngel-v3.5-src.rar



Anonymous said...

Great done!
You can host on , just open a new project if trouble.


Anonymous said...

Make VS2008 compatible and compiled with Visual Studio 9.0
- Server Ads
- zzRatio (SessionRatio) /Not a must

- 1:3 Ratio Transfer up/down limit

Is only me

Anonymous said...

x min QueueSize to 100
x full svr info in myinfo
x default svr met update url if empty
x username in svr wnd

+IsAno Mod
etc ...

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