Saturday, November 22, 2008

VeryCD easyMule + VeryCd Mod Leecher Edition BETA

VeryCD Mod is very promoted. Some don't know that it is a Leecher Mod in all known versions not more not less little less because the Leecher features are incomplete.
Can't do anything wrong by adding all Leecher features and remove the international limitations by compiling the builds.

As long it is coded as English Version
search the whole source code in compiler for: FOREIGN_VERSION
and search: VC-dgkang
to see the truth inside src

All this features in code grayed out in compiler are disabled to build no Chinese Version include community boost.

Please take the following statement as a Joke from VeryCD Team
Reverence about Boost and Removing and Changing Url's complete from all 3 or 4 Menu entries in eMule breaks the rules -> See Forum the developer talk: and others!

VeryCD Team:
there is a difference between violating the gpl and violating official rules. official rules are made up by the official devs for a good reason. violating them means VeryCD violates the network but it does not mean VeryCD violate the gpl.


VeryCD Team:
"the gpl is not violated by very cd mods. merkur or whoever else may comment as much as he desires, the gpl does not care about the nature of the change. it only cares about releasing the proper sources for the final bin."

"Alte Pusteblume es ist kein Wunder das dir dabei die Haare zu Berge stehen wenn du so denkst und so ein Müll machst."

Otherwise will be:

- Official eMule update can be removed, changed, language files download as well
- all codes where is written commented by merkur do not change or comment out/remove can be changed or comment out.
- community boost priority //added by kernel1983 2006.08.01 is allowed
- community boost priority disabled for foreigner builds #ifndef _FOREIGN_VERSION in baseclient, by the preferences //added on 2008.8.26 by VC-dgkang -> Very bad to do there differences into the VeryCD comm Mods for Chinese and no Chinese users by compiling in code English = Foreign Version!!!
- kad boost on sources etc... between the verycd clients is allowed
- give all mods if you don't want to give out the source code the name beta


//VeryCD°æ£¬»ý·Öµ÷Õû added by kernel1983 2006.08.01
//#ifndef _FOREIGN_VERSION if this is grayed out in compiler it will not compile it in!!!
//#if 0 //ÍêÈ«È¡ÏûµôVeryCDµÄ¼Ó·Ö»úÖÆ ºÍ¹Ù·½°æÒ»Ñù 2008Äê8ÔÂ26ÈÕ //must comment out or not if 0??
//VC-dgkang 2008Äê7ÔÂ8ÈÕ
CString strBuffer = this->GetUserName(); //»ñµÃ¶Ô·½µÄNick
if (
strBuffer.Find(_T("[VeryCD")) != -1 strBuffer.Find(_T("[CHN]")) != -1
(thePrefs.UseCreditSystem() && credits->GetScoreRatio(GetIP())!=1)
(currequpfile->GetUpPriority() == PR_VERYHIGH)
(IsEmuleClient() && (GetAvailablePartCount() > 0) (m_nDownloadState == DS_DOWNLOADING))
fBaseValue += 19900; //Ôö¼Ó»ý·Ö
^- shows clearly here is if not 'define Foreign' version a community boost in all mods present.
Research all source codes back to year 2006

more in preference.cpp etc..

return thePrefs.GetUserNick();
CString nickname = thePrefs.GetUserNick();
CString nicklower = nickname; nicklower.MakeLower();
if(nicklower.Find(_T("[verycd]")) == -1)
if(nicklower.Find(_T("[chn]")) == -1)
return nickname;

// #define DEFAULT_NICK _T("") //VC-dgkang 2008Äê7ÔÂ10ÈÕ
#define DEFAULT_NICK _T("[CHN][VeryCD]yourname") //VeryCD added by kernel1983 2006.08.01

In clear text. If you run the English build versions you have no profit from the community boost using VeryCD mods, cause by compiling it give the result that many features are not in English versions it will be quite different.
Look into the source code the truth is in there!

- The feature community boost here in VeryCD mods since 2003, in easyMule since year 2006 up the newest is allowed - don't get blacklisted in antileech

Means using same mods / builds adding more features another community or selectable on username extension in the menu to customize or add 2 or 3 hardcoded will work to be protected from antileech

Also the feature code found in old other mods to boost modname, make modnames in menu so that user can type in what modnames he wanna boost and boost factor up to the user x10 - x2000 to select.

If don't like communities or modnames boost, friendboost etc.. will be ok too.

Allowed Todo cause it is already a more or less incomplete leecher mod :

Remove Ratio (to enable modem 56 k again it's removed)/ don't be a lam3er + the sliders in the gui /done, lets be a lamer too
( Remove update )
comment out #x _FOREIGN_VERSION and that all for Foreigner/English disabled features in the src are enabled include Community Boost/done
add to the automatically ban manual ban + unban
LSD features manual drop nn fq,.../manual reasks
Build version number in modstring flexible /user can give in or select valid build numbers backwards and afterwards getmod ,modname to the gui dialog...
Upload system / upload only to ... / no upload / the dazzle share levels
Preferences.cpp Autostart with windows true /set registry key each time start this mod /removed
- remove server ads /done

most is done but the src compiled crash after a while running with some c++ compiler versions.
If someone have an old version VS installed (2003 or maybe 2005)


1. source code untouched (no changes - use the libs) you need this to compile: crypto51, crypto55, cximage,... all the other to compile the libs under folder easyMule-VeryCD-src\EasyMule\
eMule v 0.49b - VeryCD easyMule 1.6 4.22 MB (I downloaded this from vc server, the version says 1.06 but is 1.05) is the latest src i could found
2. use the easyMule.sln to compile the application

3. my test builds compiled with vs 2008. it will crash after a few minutes
to this place here if compile with newer VS c++:

BOOL CSingleLock::Lock(DWORD dwTimeOut /* = INFINITE */)
ASSERT(m_pObject != NULL m_hObject != NULL);

m_bAcquired = m_pObject->Lock(dwTimeOut);
return m_bAcquired;


1. build removed autoupdate 2. add kick/ban 3. build readded autoupdate trace bug removed manuall kick/ban - all same bug - original src compiled with vs2008 too = installed compiler must be older to compile the src
4. my source code with changes (use all files under src and folders)

src.rar 7.80 MB NEED NEWER VERSION SOURCE CODE (to fix old errors and do comments in to all changes)

fixes to do:
if 0 in baseclient.cpp that comm boost work in English as in Chinese, rest should be ok, did already!

test1 build october
Free dvd: 4.15 MB
test2 build october 2nd rel
On DVDs:
build september:
build november:

search in src:


place above:

if (StrStrI(m_strModVersion, _T("VeryCD"))){

if (credits->GetUploadedTotal() < SESSIONMAXTRANS){
fBaseValue /=1000.5f;
fBaseValue /=1000.5f;


downloader said...


IlLusioN said...

place my source all files to verycd source. Overwrite in vc original src the files I did in my source code.

*comm boost will work again for all
*ratio gone

Anonymous said...

void CPreferences::GenSpeedLimit(UINT uDownCapacity, UINT uUpCapacity, UINT &uDownLimit, UINT &uUpLimit)
if (uDownCapacity > 0 && uUpCapacity > 0)
uDownLimit = (uint16)((uDownCapacity * 9L) / 10);

Anonymous said...

the newest easymule source is 1.09, i sended to you.

Anonymous said...

Ok Please post link here. upload it anywhere. I beginn again to the 3th attempt but I can not compile with my version of Visual studio 2008 or it will crash.

I comment in new version my changes and write on the blog.
Anyone must compile it with an old version of visual studio.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for leecher edition i think to no-upload , fake eChemblard ,dont share single file and other and dont only remove ratio or manual stuff , show IP at client dectail

IlLusioN said...

Thats good idea, fake echanblard very camouflage.
Is it possible to make that the dlp don't detect eChanblard community in antileecher dll (dlp)?

Or changing the dlp update url and whitelist echanblard will be excellent.

Anonymous said...

the newest easymule 1.0.9 sourcecode


Anonymous said...

oh my god, you are so pathetic it makes me laugh! your insight in the code is just as ridiculously funny as your understanding of the GPL.

just to undergo the pointless trouble of educating you guys a bit: the gpl is not violated by very cd mods. merkur or whoever else may comment as much as he desires, the gpl does not care about the nature of the change. it only cares about releasing the proper sources for the final bin.

now get back to "work", genius. maybe you can find out how to use preprocessor definitions. OMG!

Anonymous said...

Changelog for eMule 0.49b [ZZUL Plus 1.1] Light

CHANGED: Build without IRC, Notifier, TextToSpeech (undefined in stdafx.h)

Changelog for eMule 0.49b [ZZUL Plus 1.1]

ADDED: MTU - Settings[Maella] merged from Xtreme
CHANGED: changed SysInfo implementation because it Crashed under Vista[Stulle] merged from X-Ray
ADDED: forgotten codeparts of several features i missed during merging
ADDED: SearchColors[WiZaRd]
ADDED: Emulate others [WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004/evcz] merged from MagicAngel
ADDED: Credits Reset Exploit Prevention[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
ADDED: Add next connect theft?[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
ADDED: Fakealyzer[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
CHANGED: fixed Crash when moving files
CHANGED: fixed ModVersion wasn't send
ADDED: Extra User Infos[MorphXT] merged from MagicAngel
CHANGED: fix ClearMessageField[TuxMan] from Official Board
CHANGED: fixed ClientDetailDialog Antileech Label
ADDED: show virtual sources [MORPH] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: Recognize Horde op-codes[netfinity] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer [Stulle/Spike2/ideas by Wiz] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: multiSort [SLUGFILLER] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Init-Hashtable optimization [Xman] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: reqBlocksClipping[Slugfiller] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: hopefully fixed a crash reported by jerryBBB
ADDED: MemLeak Fixes [WiZaRd] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: better passive source finding[XMan] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Variable Compression[netfinity] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Custom Colors for XP Menues
ADDED: XP Menues [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: ManualSourceRequest [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: Parts of SourceRequestTweaks [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: NeoDownloadCommands [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: ClientAnalyzer Score Collumn [pP] merged from R-Mod
ADDED: Fixed fairplay Display in QueueList and Uploadlist [evcz/gomez82] merged from MagicAngel
ADDED: Xtented Credit Table Arrangement[XMan] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: Better Client Attaching[Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: added check to prevent "bad" username usage (DLP.dll needed) [WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: SLS [enkeyDEV/JvA] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: SafeHash [Slugfiller/SiRoB] merged from Xray
ADDED: Clipstat support [WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Feedback support [WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Compatible Client Statistics[Stulle/WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Mod Statistics[TPT] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: only kill source if no Requested File[Xanatos] merged from Xray
ADDED: LoopImprovements[Xanatos] merged from Xray
ADDED: CriticalPacketFix[Xanatos] merged from Xray
ADDED: Unknown Protocol Tags and Show in ClientDetails[Bluesonicboy/JvA/WiZaRd] merged from Xray
ADDED: Show Hardlimit for Files constantly[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Show Global Hardlimit[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Global Hardlimit customized for Files[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Global Hardlimit[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Smaller Connected Display in StatusBar[SiRoB] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: FairPlay[AndCycle] merged from Morph
CHANGED: fix for StaticTrayIcon[morph4u]
ADDED: Reduced CPU usage[netfinity] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: Sourcecache[XMan] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: better chunk selection[XMan] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: Show (un-)loading status of IPFilter[Stulle] merged from ScarAngel
CHANGED: Default Colors for PS/FS/Friend/Community[gomez82]
CHANGED: Default Colors for Logs[WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
CHANGED: moved Options from PPgTweaks to PPgTweaks2
ADDED: IntelliFlush/LargerBuffer/Bu

Anonymous said...

the gpl is not violated by very cd mods. merkur or whoever else may comment as much as he desires, the gpl does not care about the nature of the change. it only cares about releasing the proper sources for the final bin.


comm boost, friendboost, boost partfiles, boost whatever you want all allowed... is wrong if there is written update check must be in the mods.

write all leecher mods as beta so never need to give out the source code.

very usefull information.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

lez make this mod complete to no-upload , fake eChemblard ,dont share single file and show IP at client dectail...

Anonymous said...

SharkX 1.4 final - 27/11/08

remove : fix connection collision
remove : ASF
remove : Global HL
add : Advanced download throttling (Netfinity)
add : Optional funnynick display (SiRoB)
add : folder ICONS (Commander)
add : Resource Bar (WiZaRd)
add : AutoHL (WiZaRd)
add : no SUQWT for leechers on file hot swapping (from X-Ray v1.6)
add : Show src totals (taz)
update : community & corrupt userhash detection from DLP v35 (zz_fly/SquallATF)
chnage : mod version check "host name"
change : mod support forum links
change : default region for connection wizard to Israel
change : modstr SharkX
change : mod icons + options side banner
change : upload list layout
change : adjust Sivka file settings to AutoHL (taz)
change : region for connection wizard derived from OS locale / lang (taz)
change : adjust drop system & Sivka file setting to AutoHL (taz)
change : adjust Client Analyzer to funnynick (taz)
fix : mod config dir for multi user, i.e. appdata (taz)
fix : chunk selection mode logic for ICS (taz)
fix : no SUQWT for Mod/Nick thieves (taz)
fix : CA events log once (taz)
fix : crash after lowid notifier (taz)
fix : direct URL updates for ipfilter (taz)
fix : crash on ip2country update
fix : mod (& beta) version check option selection
fix : recode SlotFocus (from eMuleFuture v0.7) & SlotControl (from X-Ray v1.6)

based on AcKroNiC v5.0

Anonymous said...

very light if remove update check 1 - 7 days delay was already so small time delay

Here mod that boost very good:


update is needed to 0.49b

Anonymous said...

don't joke but I think I need a whole team to figure out
how to use preprocessor definitions
if its the bug -:))
I dislike reading endless teaching books before begin to do it.

It's just another education way my friend omg omg

Just jump over it direct inside the code. Try it, it works! If not sooner or later it will.

The BugFix Relea$3s

Anonymous said...

As official mod it's still a Leecher mod

1. Official update that means no other as must be present. Mod update urls as second can be follow afterward
2. Boost no matter if English/Chines whatever Language to gain credits/profits is not allowed in 'Official mods'

Anonymous said...

perfect sourci - no problem:

test (no changes)
only Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (/arch:SSE2)
SharkX Finale SSE2 2.46 MB

Anonymous said...

what it is
// Contrib - Advanced download throttling
// BEGIN netfinity: Advanced download throttling

Anonymous said...

eMule v0.48a [FreeCD 080818] < Newer Version pls!!!

Anonymous said...

there is a difference between violating the gpl and violating official rules. official rules are made up by the official devs for a good reason. violating them means you violate the network but it does not mean you violate the gpl.

the fact that you are incapable of understanding this just shows your ignorance and lack of intelligence. now i ask any user, would you like to use programs from people who are incapable of understanding the most simple things? i dare say I would not because it tells me about what quality i have to anticipate from such a person and program.

Anonymous said...

violate the rules and just hold the gpl means you can create the biggest leecher client and say it is not a leecher mod. ok ok its a official community leecher client that does not hold the rules but just the gpl.

Anonymous said...

the fact that you just care about the gpl understanding this just shows your ignorance against all rules. now i ask any user, would you like to use programs from people who lies and declare verycd mod is official not a leecher mod and tell you use them antileecher dlp to sort out what they want to block as 'other' leecher mods and not. What a lie to do so

Anonymous said...

so do not wonder why the mod is everywhere outside in the bad mod sections

Anonymous said...


bugfix bugfix bugfix never any news or features but fixes every 3 fixes get a new build no. with date.

Crazy quality.

Its a repair garage unable to do more as repairing[fixed] something based on a veryold version 0.48a and forgot the time we have now because update and merge to 0.49b or even 0.49a is to much todo



Anonymous said...

Must remove officials update link or every user get informed v0.48A need update

Anonymous said...

Not on interest - Too much Old
Don't like web browser in Donkey
Browser helper Objection Bho inside
One feature to the official Mule added:AntiLeecher
Many removed:IRC,Message ...
-Skip it

Anonymous said...

all src compiled popper have some problems with verycd antileech

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