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eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta9 fixed - base is eMule 0.49b

eMule IS Mod by Borschtsch

perfect community realization with own secure OpenSSL ed2k server logon
Solution how to make ed2k community stealthy or ed2k private network!

- private ed2k net with own server / per user required account and pass to logon
- perfect solution for communities (to create not public network based on ed2k)


Dear, all!

By preparing to release a new version of eMule IS Mod 0.23a, which will be based on the basic version of eMule 0.49a/b!
The new version of the program prepared renewal of developers. In the team went gureedo (start here), and personally I feel great enthusiasm about this

Most request to those who gathered to install the beta, take it as an unfinished product and to criticize the only differences from the previous version of 0.22f. The most important thing - to find out whether all functions in eMule IS Mod 0.23a work as well as in eMule IS Mod 0.22f

16.07.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta1:
- The base version eMule 0.49a (with all the ensuing consequences in the form of support UPNP and other opportunities. Read changelog.txt)
- Included significant changes from gureedo, which is designed to improve the process of downloading files (not speed). More information is better read here;
- Other minor changes;
- Otherwise, unlike the previous version 0.22f yet. We hope they will soon emerge.

22.07.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta2:
- The possibility of adding the source of several files
- Changeable setting - being displayed pop-up tips (popup'a)
- Corrected all noticed errors in the first bety
- Multidisciplinary Support
- New installation
- Support for simultaneous operation of multiple users

02.08.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta3:
- Maximum length chatting uvilichena to 65000 characters
- Sign rewritten (OpenSSL)

28.08.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta4:
- Fixed a bug when you right-click a hyperlink in the chat box, etc.
- Expand the field displaying the total number wa rassharennyh files
- A translation of SSL communications authorization (hope that the text of possible errors will be a little clearer)
- Various internal changes

10.09.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta5:
- Fixed bug when trying to proheshirovat rassharenny, but is blocked by someone file
- Build with support for SSE2
- Various optimization
- Added missing virtual directory icon on the menu
- Now the program should not influence the work and adjust the original eMule
- Fixed bug create / edit category
- Support for UPnP: A bug determine the IP address of a local network interface with the Internet Connection

20.09.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta6:
- Added restrictions on rassharku / withdrawal rassharki directory of the Windows system directory or important in terms of the program (temporary folders, etc.);
- Can now be rassharivat disk, starting with the root directory C: \, D: \, etc., but only if the disk does not contain the system catalogs Windows, or working directories Oslika (temporary folders, etc.);
- Various internal changes, including those related to the elimination of the problems identified in the latest files diagnosis;
- Library mediainfo.dll updated to version

04.10.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta7:
- Fixed bug with mount / delete logical drive (fell at the end of the donkey)
- Druzh.slot for all the friends came back, he now must work even better
- Number of slots output increased from 7 to 15
- The error message you receive authorization before you ask the login and password, rather than after
- Fixes to the icon in the tray and problems of downsizing / deploy
- Minor changes

01.11.2008 eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta8:
- Completely rewritten part responsible for rassharivanie Directory
- Fixed bug: files downloaded in inkaming not disappeared from rassharki after their removal out of the program

20.11.2008 eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta9:
- Recycling drop waiting for data to disk when you exit the program
- New opredelyalka processor and its opportunities
- Fixed bug wrong destination parent folder temporary file
- Fix an incorrect attribution to rassharennomu file name of the parent folder
- Fixed bug appearance / disappearance of new / remote rassharennyh folders when you click Restart
- Fix a potential drop Oslika at startup after an upgrade from previous versions
- Added the type of documents *. ibk
- Option number of slots impact
- Not all files could be published on the server
- After a gap connect to the server, the list of files are not sent to the server
- Catalogs are not published after the break the connection to the server
- Uploaded file correctly reflected in the description of the directory, which could lead to a halt publication of files
- Allocating and Hashing is not implemented in parallel, to reduce the load on the system
- Multiple fixes installer program to provide better support Vista.
- MediaInfo.dll updated to
- Many small changes

And most importantly
- By default included krashdamping
- In connection with this removed unnecessary (and even reversed harmful) fix the fall Oslika
What does this mean?

This means that users can more to help us improve burro.
When the program is a critical bug that prevents its implementation, the program using a special dialog box asks you to create a diagnosis. If you agree, then this file diagnostics can be sent to us by mail for further analysis.

Files diagnosis describing the problem or screenshot # must be sent to the address
Do not spread these files are on public display or who do not share. We do not know whether they themselves any personal information as passwords, etc. Therefore, all communication will be made exclusively from the mailbox

Due to changes in the installer, before you install eMule IS Mod beta9, save the pre-existing folder Config. Remove the previous version of the program entirely (necessarily through the Add / Remove Programs !!!). Install a new version of the program and drag the folder Sonfig back.
This at least for those who planted the latest beta version of eMule IS Mod.
Download the program can link eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta9.exe 3.23 MB 52. [24-27]

For processors supporting SSE2, you can download eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta9_bin_sse2.rar 2.07 MB 52. [24-27]
The archive contains only file emule.exe, to be replaced in the Program folder.

Sources for the maniac:
eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta9_src_vs2003.rar 5.59 MB 52. [24-27]

Remark: User of this mod are real downloadable sources from Russia. Not the Tunisia sources in the net that show they have the file complete and by downloading 'no needed parts' in loop queue.

Full changelog

ismod forum forum
mirror the search catch

Fresh from Desktop e:\Coding\ISMod\integration_branch\srchybrid\Release\emule.exe

src eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta6_source.rar 5.65 MB
Latest Version:
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 9 fixed.exe 3.25 MB
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 8.exe 3.25 MB


eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 9 fixed.exe
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 8.exe
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 6.exe


older versions:
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 4.exe
eMule ISMod 0.22f-GM011.rar

older versions
eMule IS mod for IS74's EDonkey2000 network

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