Sunday, November 2, 2008

eMule 0.49b Neo-R V1.0 Pulic Beta2 eMule 0.49b | Neo-RS V1.0 Pulic Beta2

-R without share levels
-RS with share levels


Neo-RS V1.0 Public Beta 2

+ Some known Bugs fixed

Neo-RS V1.0 Public Beta 1

Based on NeoMule v4.55a

Merged with most features from ZZ-RS

+ Added -> many...
+ Changed -> many...
+ Fixed -> many...
- Removed -> many...

+ ShareLevel

Neo-RS is developed by morph4u

eMule.0.49b.Neo-RS.V1.0.Pulic.Beta2.rar 3.11 MB
eMule.0.49b.Neo-R.V1.0.Pulic.Beta2.rar 3.11 MB


Anonymous said...

ZZ-RS 1.7 beta 1!!

Anonymous said...

ZZ-RS Public Beta 2 Fix


Neo-RS V1.0 Public Beta 2 fix

+ Fixed Sharelevel
+ If you set File to permission Hidden,
now all for this file waiting are removed from queue in real time


Anonymous said...

please help me! I need the code for sharedfilelist to set permissions like hidden and so on. Post code here :

Anonymous said...

Why don't ya say l00k in EvoStar, SF-IOM or xMule MOD others for

hide hidden files // itsonlyme: viewSharedFiles
xMule_MOD: showSharePermissions - filter out hidden files in Listensocket and all menus lists etc..


Anonymous said...

merged to Special Editions updated soon!

xMule_MOD: showSharePermissions
and Hidden in all lists etc...

still missing lost in universe code snip 4 changing mod name and version definition. Please post hint at least!

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