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lost old emule 0.46 - 0.47 a,b,c, French source codes Based on iONiX mods. I forgot to backup the src to the bin's.
please if you have it, upload anywhere and post links with the old French emule versions mods source codes only > submit
!!!no compiled binaries (bin) !!! Please share the source codes (src) again!

-eMulix_LiGhT_v4.0_SRC.rar please post it!!!
eMule-0.46a-aideadsl Please post it - (not V2.0)!!!

stenoco zones from 0.46 to eMule v0.47c [Stenoco-Zone V2.2] + eMule0.46c_LokI_V1.2, KOIKOI v1.4h - V1.5a source lost too!!!

link broken:
^inactive links !!!

The old eMule IMPmule based on Xtreme remembers on todays version from ScarAngel based on Xtreme (w/o all the extras features)

"The hope is out there"

eMule 0.47a NxxZ-b
Fake Check
Emulate Clients: MLDonkey, eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza v2, Lphant
Fake Rank (pas de fake rank pour la NxxZ)
Kick & Ban in upload
Boost friends
Boost System (Gestion des scores / Boost “NxxZ” Users)

eMule 0.47a Blackbeard v.1.3
The management of the sources is completely changed, I use a base Ronin 1.5.1 (without DuoConnect), which I modified a little to adapt has Blackbeard and in Bandwith de Slugfiller.

The adjustments of the drops are now available in the options.
QuickStart is now On/OFF in option.
I added adjustable BoostFriends (x2 with x10) and an auto friend slot. Appearance of UPnP (very simple version, for step to muddle). ClientAnalyzer upgrade to version 1.53.
The functions intern (ReadBlockFromThread, Passive Source Finding, and so on…) are updated.
I also a little change agressivity, you should see a better exploitation of the customers Kad Only.
The exchanges sources ON/OFF in option.
There is manual Kick/Ban.

eMule 0.47a OcToFoN v2
- Added : Server Rotation @ 30min [Gatchymule] + On/Off [ACiDbuRn] > In many french
mods to found. One source code needed with this feature

Features Stenoco emule mod:
No up - + in Aideadsl some versions
Added: Automatic Friend Slot (RT)
Added: Boost Friends (EastShare) x10 [SNC] -> multiplicator can be extended x200 and higher and customizable into menu
Added: Emulate lPhant [SNC]
Added: Emulate Shareaza [SNC]
Added: Emulate aMule [SNC] - won't work today with newer amule clients
Added: Manual Kick and Ban [SNC]
Added: Multi Server Connect (code was later used in Razorback and others 'Ekliptors Dual Server Connect 2007, 2008 with changes')


( sbi , ht coders , emule mods collectors ... this mods was have public source codes - > submit please share)

Most Features (C++ code snips) from this mods with once public source codes will work with the latest emule version and mods if coded/merge (with small adjustments/changes) into newer emule + mods versions today 0.49b as in year 2002-2006 it did.

Caution with the AntiLeecher features from other mods and the updates if its CA (client analyzer), antileech.dll DLP and extended Argos!!!
With care about the mod name, different Modname codes system include 'ModVersion.h'. Use the base modstring from official mod and version or merge into original emule - do not use a (new, own) mod(name) in protocol communication, do not add comm addon (by packet, extra, hello tag,...), no extra modname addon and/or anonym modname (if the old IsAno code in baseclient.cpp,... is not changed get ghostmod back from antileech), no fix or preseted modnames exept random (per session only or Antileech system will block with "Modname changer" (sample β♠ñ$ђ€€'s ist Chimera 0.1 username modname «+» %s replaced with +) or user can give/put in the modname, show your modname only in the gui, don't code it in baseclient.cpp or opcodes, everything what have to do with communication protocol , tag, use default emule no mod or the modname of the 'official mod' your mod based on (no changes there)! Working will:
baseclient.cpp like spe64 choosable modversion and name + extended modname+version to everywhere in baseclient and 'if empty' left out in menu forced or the preferences works too like anonym mod (don't show Ghostmod). Do not hardcode username 'nickName'. Do not change emule version [fake another version to be or no emule] Or your mod get sooner or later identification by antileecher filters as rapcom, eChanblardNext and many more mods have the problem today. -> See how antileech (the source code is public) work and ident the mods by modname, username, community hello tag packet addon and many others!

From Portuguese emule mods:
country limit codes added cause of international traffic limits on Portuguese ISP's in PT mods

'Because of some ISPs in Portugal limit the amount of international traffic per month, the eMule Bowlfish MOD was developed to allow people to download only... Devido a alguns do ISP portugueses nos obrigarem a usar uma espécie de intranet (limites de tráfego internacionais)o Zz evoL foi criado para rejeitar todas e qualquer ligação não considerada nacional pelos nossos ISP, deste modo é possivel termos sempre o nosso mod emule (Zz evoL) ligado fazendo assim só tráfego nacional.' Zz evoL B5a [Added] Support for Bowlfish national ranges files

-> see
eMule Bowlfish (MOD Português do eMule Oficial)
Zz evoL (MOD Português do eMule Zz)
eMule Plus koizo
look into Portuguese (e)Mule source codes and u have the upload only to 'country' solution (c++ code snip that can be merged and changed to custom user selectable country(s) in the gui)
'ip-to-country.csv - ipfilter.dat lookup ?'

DaZZle Features:
DaZZle always was give the source code to the mods
Another way no upload (DaZZLe Share levels) reduced to 1 or 2 function or all/full
No publish files to kad/server
... all dazzle features from its source codes are possible to merge

The source codes are a large depo of C++ codesnips (solutions/features once have been created (coded in c++).

The features was build into mods first in West Europe (Holland, French, Spain, Portugal)
later into community mods in Germany/Italy,... (without public source codes there).

eMule 0.49b Orange Spirit v1.2
Par OrAnGeS Spirit Team
Publié : 5 Août, 2008

mise à jour sur eMule 0.49b
leger changements dans le modupdate
divers fixs et optimisations
ipfilter v130 , countryflag.dll et ip-to-country.csv inclus dans l'archive


eMule 0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1
Par OrAnGeS Spirit Team
Publié : 21 Juin, 2008

Fix le bug de l'erreur c0005

Nouvel AntiNickThief et AntimodThief

Systeme de mise à jour automatique

Changement du systeme de reconnaissance des mods Oranges-spirit
Update automatique des serveurs (si le nombre est inferieur à 5)

Orange Spirit v1.2

update on eMule 0.49b
Leger changes in the modupdate
fixs and various optimizations
ipfilter v130, countryflag.dll and ip-to-country.csv included in the archive

eMule v0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1
* Fix the bug error c0005
* New AntiNickThief and AntimodThief
Systeme automatic update
* Changing the system of recognition of mods Oranges-spirit
* Automatic Update servers (if the number is less than 5)

eMule v0.49a-Orange Spirit v1.0


From X-Ray


From Xtreme

client percentage [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
show complete up/down in uploadlist
Xman show LowIDs [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
Full chunk

Control Slots (dans prefs->Extended->Upload SpeedSense)
Spreadbars per file [SLUGFILLER]
show A4AF filenames in status column [sivka]
LowID2HighIDAutoCallback [Xanatos] [on/off] (dans prefs->connection)
show download in bold [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
show Flag [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
show paused files in gray
show download in orange
Save Load Sources
file buffer size extended
- Bad client Nick
- Bad client Mod
- Nick Faker
- ModFaker
- Spammer User
- Hash Faker

eMule Orange Spirit v0.3
Code: Gestion des amis [Morph]
Update antileech
Correction du problème de "Part completion"
Plus d'infos dans "client details": Pays, modstring, QR....
Quelques corrections de bug

eMule Orange Spirit v0.4
Code: Nouveau Logo
Supporte le "WinSock 2"
Quelques optimisations internes
Remove: hideOS
Remove: Quelques infos dans le log SLS, Anti-leech
Anti Shape [Netfinity]

eMule Orange Spirit v1.0
Update to version eMule 49a

A télécharger içi: !!!

0.49b-Orange%20Spirit%20v1.2_bin.rar 5.37 MB
0.49a-Orange.Spirit.v1.0-bin.7z 2.02 MB
eMule v0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1.7z 2.03 MB

eMule 0.49b-Orange Spirit v1.2.rar
Orange Spirit v1.0
eMule v0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1
Orange Spirit v1.2


morph4u said...

eMulix v4.0 SRC


Anonymous said...


suche eine Mod src wo serveur rotation drin ist das teil mit dem server rotate. Kann mir jemand helfen?

Anonymous said...

no publish/share selected single files

Not sure but a coder maybe can figure out how to do it together:

Share Permission code from xMule_MOD

can this make together with Hardstyle mod, the point in code what by default hides/don't share a view emule config and other files if they are in incoming folder present. That it do not share to kad/server/etc.. selected single items if set to hidden (outside of xMule permission based on the prefs show my files if set to public or friends applies)???

Anonymous said...

// do not share following files from the config directory

changing to with Share Permission set as hidden files /incomming dir and partfile taken from downloadlist and sharedfiles

as in preferences.cpp used for other case in hardstyle

with comment
// do not share a file from the config directory, if it contains one of the following extensions

// do not share following files from the config directory

changing this code possible to work with Share Permission code from xMule_MOD???

Anonymous said...

yet I found it.; share per file permission in src from DaZZle Mod.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

maybe am blind it is not in dazzlemod

Anonymous said...

eMulix v4.0 ( BIN ):

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