Sunday, November 30, 2008

Exeinfo PE ver. by A.S.L. - 450 sign 2008.11.05

Best File identifier Tool with unpacking hints!

To check all emule files:
all dll's like antiLeech.dll

normally they are not protected and show :
standard Compiler section detected , maybe new ver.MS C++ compiler [DebuG] = Compiled with VS 2008 not protected! = Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 9.x

older c++ show like this:
Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 7.x ( v7.10 )
not packed , try disassemble OllyDbg ( ) or WD32dsm89.exe (

upx and mpress are not protectors but can show false positive in AV!

if it shows ASPROTECT or OBSIDIUM think about it before using it!
All two are commercial protectors, done for Shareware, Trialware to hide from codeview and unpacking! > eXcaliburt , BigBan and some dlp's


Download for test:
exeinfope_work0.0.2.1_II.rar 427.14 KB

if found unknown packer or bugs please contact program author A.S.L!

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