Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Firefox Namoroka 3.6.5pre - Ayakawa build


Namoroka 3.6.5pre/VC9 SP1 (2010/04/28)

* profiling with getting source from changeset 34136:86ec082e2e1b (Tue Apr 27 14:19:10 2010 -0700)
* make with VC++9 SP1
* add compatibility for windows 7 on manifest. see MSDN-Application Manifest. But, if you use some plugins (e.g. Flash), Fx run under VISTA compatibility mode.
* IJG's JPEG library with x86 SIMD extension & Namoroka Patches
* bug 509956

VS 2008 Pro SP1/SSE2+PGU build ver.
size 8,340,499 byte
SHA256 2f92e04082c819a12d1012668542678781ab2a1a442f5c71fe0f059c49f90493
VS 2008 Pro SP1/SSE2+PGU build installer ver.
size 8,417,610 byte
SHA256 2d315ebc0efe6f71054917a648584782b10a62481f39e02932c74b63d711ef50

Downloadnamoroka-ce-3.6.5pre-ayakawa-100428-PGU.7z 7.95 MB


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