Thursday, April 15, 2010

BleachBit 0.7.4 released

BleachBit 0.7.4 Clean junk to free disk space and to maintain privacy. News: adds a self-cleaning privacy feature, cleans WordPad, fixes many bugs, adds a Low German translation, updates 25 other translations, and more.


The following changes have been made since 0.7.3:

* Add new privacy feature: click File - Shred Files and Quit. This removes all BleachBit settings as if you never ran BleachBit, so other people can't tell you have.
* Use EIC binary prefixes (e.g., 1KiB=1000 bytes) instead of SI binary prefixes (e.g., 1kB=1024B) because EIC is the proper standard for disk space. For more information see see Wikipedia's Binary Prefix article and Ubuntu's unit policy.
* Fix bug removing paths in preferences dialog.
* Add translation contexts for more accurate translations.
* Fix deleting files with non-ASCII names.
* Specific to Linux
o Add package for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04).
o Fix GTK+ depreciation warnings.
o Fix crash on Ubuntu (only seen on BleachBit as packaged in the Ubuntu repository).
o Remove translations from RHEL 5.0 and CentOS 5.0 because their ancient gettext version 0.14 does not support translation contexts.
* Specific to Windows
o Shrink installer by about 500 KiB.
o Clean WordPad.
o Fix Access Denied errors seen on special file types such as certain MSIE temporary files.
o Update included dependencies including SQLite.
o Fix deleting registry keys with non-ASCII file names.



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