Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rapidshare Auto Downloader Version 4.1

Rapidshare Auto Downloader by Vahab Shalchian

What's new:

- Closing the copyright popup and continue to the next link.

- Adding "re-download" option to links.

- Adding 5 Seconds to short wait to prevent download corruption on slow internet connections.

- Ignoring the liks with "more than 200 mb files ..." message.

- Saving download list after every change.

- Ignore filtered links with new messages (Only for Iranian users)


Latest Version Ads Free (without „Some improvements to user interface“): Rapidshare Auto Downloader version 3.8

RAD3.8.2.7z 446.95 KB
Rapidshare.Auto.Downloader.4.1.7z 458.31 KB

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