Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bandwidth saving and speedup browsing with Mobile ISP's (GPRS-EDGE... slow connections 54-240kbps)

Speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth:

1. Disable java, pictures and flash on websites by using prefbar.
2. Ad-blocker for example system wide Ad Muncher save some traffic.
3. Using Google mobile to view pages (images are compressed like in opera with turbo).

Firefox Extensions to speed up browsing with slow connections and saving bandwidth:
ImgLikeOpera (ILO) 0.6.20

PrefBar 5.x
Quick access to enable/disable images, Java, Flash,...

Google Wireless Transcoder (Browse from search bar)
gmobile.xml copy to Firefox profile folder > searchplugins

Surf using GWT as Bookmarklet: GWT [drag'n drop to bookmark bar in ff, ie, opera, safari, chrome, etc...]

proxy tools

fasTun Tool 1.0

opera turbo

Small Bandwidth Version

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