Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paint.NET 3.55.3742.31372 Beta

Paint.NET Beta 3.55
The best free image and photo editor by Rick Brewster.

Changes in Paint.NET 3.5.5 Beta build 3742:

* Fixed the bug where saving as 8-bit PNG/GIF/BMP wasn't always working. This often happened when "Auto" bit-depth was chosen, and based on the color complexity of the image it would choose 8-bit (for smaller file-size) and then fail with "error". Usually this only happened with larger images. This was discussed here on the forum at

* Improved performance of Gaussian Blur by 30-40% depending on your CPU (Intel Core i7 seems to show the best improvement).

* Improved performance of all the layer blend modes by 15-30%, depending on your CPU (Intel Atom seems to show the best improvement!).

* Improved performance of zooming with the mouse wheel on dual-core Intel Atom systems.


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