Sunday, April 4, 2010

SimpleCD Desktop 0.1.2b

SimpleCD Desktop -- Seize the emule!
SimpleCD Desktop feature overview:

* Massive covered VeryCD emule resource index, by online safeguard, always updated
* Contains VeryCD not delete or review by the resources, * anti * harmony, a more comprehensive
* Simplify the browsing page, faster browsing, better experience
* More than 250,000 entries, covering film, music, games, software and other aspects
* Full offline database on their computers without Internet access can search
* The powerful online update feature, so your data and the latest time data synchronization
* Open Source! Completely open source, ease to use, you can make changes to Oh more

0.1.2b [2010-04-05]

* Fixed a path name bug
0.1.2 [2010-04-05]

+ Added function to update data from a file

* Fixed character encoding errors can not succeed error
* Change the default database update and the database updated some of the details
0.1.1b [2010-02-18]

* Fixed issue of the Chinese path can not be used, this really solve the
0.1.1 [2010-02-17]

+ Add online updating the database functionality, and offers two updated engines
+ Add a profile and profile settings features

* The path can not be used to solve the problem of Chinese
* Modify the compilation method and therefore makes the document more concise
0.1.0 [2010-02-12]

+ The first version, comes with basic search function

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