Thursday, April 29, 2010

eMule 0.50a ZZ-R V3.4 RC1 by morph4u

ZZ-R V3.4 RC1

ZZ-R V3.4 Mod RC1


+ Added Tray Password Protection (Options-Extended or Tools/Speedgraph) [NEO/Xanatos]
+ Changed Optionspages [MorphXT]
+ Readded Queue ProgressBar [MorphXT]
+ Readded Downloaded Hiostory [MorphXT]
+ Changed Global Source Limit [MorphXT]
+ Readded ASFU v3.5 (auto shared files updater) [beba/fixed WiZaRd]
+ Changed reduced CPU usage of some UInt128 functions [NetFinity]
+ Memleak fix in ArchiveRecovery.cpp [beba/gureedo]
+ Memleak fixes [beba/WiZaRd]
+ Fixed broken Pro-Leecher-System

A CLEANINSTALL is very important !

ZZ-R is developed by morph4u Support and Info:


DDL: eMule.v0.50a.ZZ-R.v3.4.RC1.7z

ed2k://|file|eMule.v0.50a.ZZ-R.v3.4.RC1.rar|3933486|9D80ED0B225678106BDCAC9E60604531|h=EK77HLII4AN72W3GQCZ4P3U4OJRRGPTT|/ File Stats


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