Wednesday, March 24, 2010

eMule 0.49c ToXiC 1.1

Based on Xtreme + PrE leecher features

+ Reask single source(3 way: original, calculated by own algo, manual)
+ Up4Up (upload to a client only if you downloaded 1 byte more you already uploaded)
+ Friends Handling (friendslot saving, auto friendslot, friend boost, remove all friendslot)
+ Links for Server list and nodes file [stulle]
* Better splash display
* Major bug on Manual source request when selecting only 1 file
* Readded missing icon in upload list
* Optimized manual source request (now react immediately)
* Minor changes

+ Spooky Mode
+ Connection Checker
+ Manual Source Request on context menu [xanatos]
+ ExtendedUdpCache [xanatos]
+ Emulate other clients
+ Unshare single file (was already from 0.8)
* Recoded source requests in transfer window (also icons changed from neomule)
* Minor fixes & changes

8.02 MB

emule.exe is pacKed with VMProtect ( )

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