Monday, March 15, 2010

KuGoo 2010 v6.112 - Music P2P Share

KuGoo (Cool Dog) 2010 (official version)
Version: 6.112
File: 6.01 MB
Date: 2010-03-15
Language: Chinese

Cool Dog (KuGoo) Interactive main provider of online document delivery services and Internet communications, the use of a P2P framework for the design of advanced research and development.
Design for the user the effect of high transmission of documents to download function, it can achieve the adoption of P2P data sharing and transfer, as well as support for users to chat, the player, such as a complete entertainment services network, friends can be achieved between the transmission of any document exchange, through the cool dog, the user can easily accessible, efficient and secure the realization of music search, instant messaging, file transfer, peer-to-peer file-sharing applications.

Cool Dog Music 2010 (kugou / kugoo) V6.112_ Download

Cool Dog Music 2010 is a famous music player, Tigong music search, Xiazai, play, manage and share Dengzhu Duo function, to meet the user's music needs to provide users with music.

Compared with the previous version release, mainly in the following improvements:
1. New "Year of the Tiger New Year" New Year skin.
2. Improve the software online update feature.
3. Fixed software BUG, the software runs more stable.
4. Optimize network playback, listen more smoothly.
5. Improve the user experience and find songs easier.

KuGoo is the largest P2P music-sharing software, has more than hundreds of millions of documents shared by the global user's favorite, with tens of millions of user. V3 version of the latest to give users more user-friendly features, the implementation of multi-source download and upgrade the normal download speeds, tested, the fastest can reach 500K / S, faster and more efficient search for songs to download. Domestic first audition online features, user-friendly selective download, reduce download songs Oh do not like. Home entertainment will be provided every day a large number of the latest entertainment news, Europe and the United States, Chinese and Japan-South Korea's latest album, singles ranking allows you to easily download the most avant-garde pop dynamics, the full enjoyment of KuGoo and your life wonderful entertainment.

1, mini-interface
Interface cooler, brilliant pop; maintained under Windows Vista and XP perfect performance, it refreshing;
2, Kara OK
Cool Dog original "Kara OK" lyrics display, multi-mode, listened to sing, let you listen more fun;
3, support local music player
Perfect sound quality, and support all the audio files, drag and drop local files, while supporting high-speed network to download and local players;
4, super-search and download
Song search engine optimization to improve search accuracy; intelligent bandwidth savings can be shut down the network function;
5, pop music, information
Cool list family dog, dog Friends of recommendation, cool bar, kennel, the latest pop music, a clean sweep, good music to "find" you;


4.36 MB
No installer (run Koogo.exe in KuGou2010.7z\{app}\)

older Version

Software is not English.

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