Thursday, March 11, 2010

PeerBlock pre beta 1.1 r320

What's New

Here are the major changes since the most recent Beta Release, r277:

* Fix for List-Download Crash - This should resolve the "PeerBlock randomly crashes / disappears overnight" problems. It had been crashing occasionally, on some people's computers, while checking for updated lists.
* Save Failed Lists - If a newly downloaded list fails verification, we'll now save that file as "...\lists\numnumnum.list.failed".
* Warn if Exit While Blocking Recently - When you attempt to exit PeerBlock, if we've blocked some non-HTTP packet recently (i.e. within the past 60 seconds), we will pop up a warning message. This 60 second value is configurable by hand-editing peerblock.conf via Notepad - change the RecentBlockWarntime setting from 60 to however many seconds you'd like; 0 disables this feature.
* Force PeerBlock to Start Enabled - If PeerBlock was disabled when you last exited it, it will now start as Enabled the next time you restart it.
* Allow HTTP for X minutes - The systray right-click menu has two new options: "Allow HTTP for 15 minutes" and "...for 60 minutes". After the specified amount of time has passed, PeerBlock will revert to Blocking HTTP again.
* Click on tray icon to minimize window - Previously, left-clicking on the systray icon would merely display the PeerBlock window . . . even if it was previously displayed. Now, if the window is currently displayed left-clicking on the tray-icon will minimize it; and if the window is currently minimized, it will restore it.

Additional minor changes can be found on the r320 Changes page.


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