Monday, March 1, 2010

RDesc 2.28

New in RDesc Version 2.28: (23-02-2010)
- Added new hosts: and
- Added new language: Italian.
- Added contextual menu button on the "Check selected links.
- Fixed bugs and issues rar extraction.
- Added option to make sounds when you ask for captcha, to finish a download and when an error downloading.
- Added option to download files with password 4Shared
- Fixed issues with uploading
- Fixed problems with 4shared
- Fixed bug that caused some files are decompressed but had not checked the option
- Fixed errors with freakshare
- Fixed bug that occurred if a request for two at a time captchas
- Fixed bug with rapidshare premium accounts that made that if a file was deleted the program being sent to the following
- Fixed bug when cleaning history list
- Fixed error when checking links mediafire
- Fixed error when adding many links from rapidshare at once
- Fixed false negatives when checking links mediafire





It is available for auto updating the library that manages the downloading from different servers. This update is only for version 2.28. With this auto update addresses some problems with multiple servers. These issues are:

- The downloads 4shared gave error and could not download anything from this server. This is fixed and you can back down from here.

- Critical error that occurred sometimes lose Letitbit to terminate the account after 60 seconds.

- Failed to get file name for some links gigasize whose name was too long.

When you open the program that you will issue an auto update available and ask if you want to install it. Only you have to click on if you and the program is closed, and run the updater. This program will download and install the update and will reopen RDesc.

If will not install correctly and every time you open the program notifies you close the program, go to the folder where it was installed and run the ActuRDhost.exe and install the update.

Update (6-3-2010):

For those unable to update automatically, the link to manually update. you have to download this file and unzip into the folder RDesc, giving when asked if replacing file.

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