Tuesday, March 30, 2010

eMule 0.50a Beta 3

ChangeLog since Beta2:

eMule 0.50a BETA3
- Mar, 28. 2010 -
.: Keyboard shortcuts to switch the dialog work again in the transfer dialog
.: Fixed a small visual glitch in the tooltips of the webinterface
.: Fixed a issue regarding eMule deciding if to trust an AICH hash on files which have no verified AICH has [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: Fixed minor issues with the exit commandline command and the multiple instances option [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS, leuk_he]

- Mar, 23. 2010 -
.: Fixed ed2k links not containing the AICH hash on several locations (ctrl+c, webserver, etc)
.: Fixed further bugs leading to crashes or glitches in the new toolbar
.: Fixed a possible crash problem with the new Win7 features
.: The Beta versioncheck will now point to a separate website instead the standard versioncheck (which doesn't works for betas)

Download 2.9 MB
ed2k link: ed2k://|file||2909578|25B7A3BA9703C3E7DB62B7D6E4BA3AE2|h=CQR35KTPEA35FNKU7YVBT4MS6RESPLHP|/
eMule0.50a_BETA3-Installer.exe 3.4 MB 6.0 MB
eMule 0.50a Beta3
for GPRS/56k/ISDN (No 1:3 Ratio):
eMule0.50a_BETA3.7z 1.97 MB

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