Thursday, March 11, 2010

eMule 0.50a Beta 1

Many small but nonetheless important fixes and changes were made, but the main features of this new version are:

* Making eMules file verifying algorithm future proof by combining the ed2k hash with the AICH hash to identify and verify downloaded parts and files. This guarantuees that existing and newly found MD4 weaknesses will not affect eMules ability to deliver uncorrupted files in the future.
* Several GUI improvements, like supporting new taskbar features of Windows7, easier access to download commands by adding a new toolbar, a improved shared files dialog and a brand new Kad graph to look and wonder at
* Better usability in small LANs by adjusting Kad to such an environment and supporting highspeed uploads
* And as always fixing bugs and adding other small changes

For all the details, check out the complete changelog:
eMule 0.50a BETA1
- Mar, 8. 2010 -

.: Fixed a bug which caused the "Add files to download in paused mode"
otpion to not work properly in all cases

.: Fixed a visual glitch on taksbar notifiers when using the Aero theme

- Mar, 3. 2010 -

.: Added Windows 7 taskbar goodies:

- global progress bar in the eMule taskbar button, progress colors:
green when downloading, red when a download is errorous, yellow

- Taskbar Buttons: when hovering over the eMule taskbar button
(connect/disconnect/throttle/unthrottle/open preferences)

- Overlay icon: Overlay icon on the eMule taskbar button
indicating active up- and downloads (disabled by default, enable by ini
entry "ShowUpDownIconInTaskbar=1").

- Mar, 1. 2010 -

.: Tweaked uploadcode to significantly increase the possible uploadspeed
per slot especially on LANs, making eMule more suitable for those

.: The number of maximal open upload slots has been decreased to 100

.: Fixed a bug which caused the "Add files to download in paused mode"
otpion to not work properly in all cases

- Feb, 28. 2010 -

.: Fixed a problem with the sharedfiles list when deleting a shared
files [dolphinX]

.: Fixed minor possible memory/ressource leak in the archive recovery
and ipfilter [dolphinX]

.: Fixed possible problem when wrong incoming directory due to
categories in certain cases [dolphinX]

- Feb, 19. 2010 -

.: Fixed a bug in Kad which would not enforce the search tolerance in
certain cases

.: Changed Kad to work better in small LANs. If Kad detects it is
running on a LAN (only LAN IPs in the routing table), it will assume
beeing open and not behind a NAT/Router without trying to verfiy (which
would fail in a small LAN),

and also doesn't enforces several security features like flood
detection for LAN IPs. Now even a small Kad LAN of 2 nodes works well
without any setup issues

(To create such a Kad LAN, make sure all clients have
Options->Extended->"Filter server and client LAN IPS" disabled,
delete the existing nodes.dat if necessary, go to the Kad dialog and
enter the IP+Port of one other client (which is either connected or in
connecting mode for Kad) to the bootstrap box - done)

- Jan, 25. 2010 -

.: The connection wizzard is no longer shown after finishing the first
start wizzard (it's deprecated)

.: The first start wizzard is only shown on first starts and no longer
after updates

- Jan, 21. 2010 -

.: Added a new graph to the Kad window, which lets you watch each Kad
lookup in detail. For non-Devs this is just for fun, you don't need to
worry about anything shown there. A detailed explanation of the graph
can be found in the onlinehelp.

.: Added "Automatically show active searches" option to the context menu
of the new graph which lets it switch to active lookups automatically
(instead having to select it in the list). Now you can watch Kad
working for hours without a click!

- Jan, 12. 2010 -

.: Added a new dockable toolbar to the transfer dialog. The buttons
resemble the context menu options, but making them accessible easier and
faster. The toolbar can be removed by right clicking on it and shown
again by selecting context menue option of the downloadlist

- Jan, 10. 2010 -

.: The context menu in of the downloadlist allows now directly assign a
file to a new category (instead of having to create it separately

.: The "Unassign" category context menu entry is now only available if a
file actually has a category

- Dec, 7. 2009 -

.: Fixed missing setting saving after automatic adapting incoming
folders of categories due to changed main incoming folder

.: Fixed a bug with overwriting the nodes.dat on times we actually don't
want to write it [Nissenice]

.: Added a quick intermediate fix to make certain Kad lookups more
reliable, improving the (search/source-) results in some cases [based on
research from

- Nov, 28. 2009 -

.: Switched the eMule fileidentifiers from ED2k-Hash + Size to ED2k-Hash
+ AICH-Hash + Size. This means eMule is now using two hashing
algorithms combined (based on MD4 and SHA1) to verify if a received part
(and eventually the comlete files) is not corrupt

This change is necessary due to weaknesses in the MD4 algorithm and
enables eMule to make sure to never complete a corrupt files for the
next decade

All changes are backwards compatible, so no clients or files will be
exluded from the network

.: AICH part hashsets are build out of existing AICH recovery hashsets,
no rehashing is done

.: AICH verification is enabled when using an ed2k link with included
AICH hash, or when searching and downloading a file from Kad when
certain requirements are met (this will only start to work once the
majority of nodes update)

.: The AICH hash can be seen in the search results list for kad searches
if available

.: ed2k links can no longer be created without the AICH Hash, except if
it is not available. ed2k links without AICH hash are considered
deprecated, but are still accepted by eMule for now

- Nov, 15. 2009 -

.: The shared files list now shows files in root directories properly

.: Fixed a bug with determining if the filesystem can handle large files
when using categories [dolphinX]

.: Added preferences.ini-only option "KeepUnavailableFixedSharedDirs"
("eMule"-Section) which lets eMule keep shared directories on fixed
drives even if they are not found anymore

.: Fixed minor memleak on kad searches [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]

- Oct, 13. 2009 -

.: Added preferences.ini-only option "ForceSpeedsToKB"
("eMule"-Section), which will make eMule display all speed values in
KB/s (instead of B/s to TB/s depending on the speed)

- Aug, 7. 2009 -

.: The shared files dialog has now a tab selector, letting you choose to
view the statistics,(reduced versions of) the content, ed2k-link or
metadata info for the selected file(s)

.: The statistics page on in the shared files dialog also has the
following new entries: Popularity rank (ranking all your shared files
based on Requests), On Queue (clients on queue for the selected file)
and Uploading (current bandwidth used to upload the selected file)

.: The new tabs in the shared files dialog can be closed or restored by
an arrow button on the right side

- Aug, 3. 2009 -

.: Fixed possible resource leaks in ZIP file decompression

.: Fixed sorting bug in Shared Files window [moloko+]

- Aug, 2. 2009 -

.: Fixed bug with downloading files via the built-in webserver [Stulle]

.: Fixed double/single click behaviour in search results window

.: Fixed bug in user hash validation [ilmira]

.: Fixed bug with space characters in ED2K URLs [moloko+]

- Jul, 25. 2009 -

.: Fixed a bug which made search tabs in certain cases invisible after
you closed one

- Jul, 20. 2009 -

.: Cleand up options dialog a bit:

The following settings have been removed and are now
preferences.ini-only: "Beeponerror", "DontRecreateStatGraphsonresize",
"UpdateQueueListPref", "MessageFromValidSourcesOnly" (Section "eMule")
and "EnabledDeprecated" (section "PeerCache")

.: The exit conformation messagebox has now a "Don't ask me again"

.: Added "Pause on when preview possible" option to the downloadlist
context menu. Only visible when "advanced mode controls" is enabled

- Jul, 09. 2009 -

.: Improved storing AICH hashsets after a download has finished - should
be much faster now if you share many files

.: Sparse files are available on Windows7 again, Vista stays the only
version were they are disabled

- Jun, 12. 2009 -

.: Added basic checks and user warnings for wrong operator usage (like
using OR on the first keyword) in Kad. Earlier version just delivered
wrong/incomplete results in such cases.

- Jun, 10. 2009 -

.: Fixed a bug in Kad with setting the proper searchkeywords when
searching for exact phrases with quotes

.: Fixed a bug with rearranging quoted keywords on kad searches

- Jun, 2. 2009 -

.: Kad1 is no longer supported and we will no longer answer or request
any packets from Kad1 nodes (the last eMule Kad1 version was release
about 4 years ago)

- Mar - May 2009 -

.: eMule Summer of Non-Code

HP: ;


Download eMule 0.50 Beta [zip]
Download eMule 0.50 Beta [Installer]
Source code

Download eMule 0.49c [zip]
Download eMule 0.49c Build 2 [Installer]

All Files

eMule 0.50a Beta 1 without Ratio [binary patched]

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