Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yahoo! Messenger Ads Free!

An updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 (version

This latest release includes several security enhancements.

Release History:!_Messenger_release_history




Download the English (International) Version and from Messenger if needed Language Pack.

In some localized Versions are features not included such as Yahoo Chat, contact import from several other services!

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac.


Ad Banner Remover Plus - Version
Advert Options:

Remove Main Messenger Advert
Replace Change Room Banner
Remove Chat Room Advert
Replace Webcam Adverts
Replace Video Call Advert - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )
Remove IM Statusbar Advert - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )

Other Options:

Enable / Disable Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger 10, 9, or 8
Disable "Automatically start Yahoo Messenger" - ( When Windows Starts )
Enable / Disable Smiley Search - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )

Yahoo UI Options - ( Yahoo Messenger 10 Only )

Remove Insider Button
Remove Email Button
Remove Mobile Button
Remove Voice Button
Remove Contact Card
Remove Plugins Toolbar
Remove Contacts Tab
Remove YUpdates Tab
Remove System Notifications






Yahoo Messenger is supported.


Ad Destroy 6.0

Release Notes:
Ad Destroy 6.0 has been updated and support now this new build.
Removing the plugin panel and yvoice/yinsider option also removes yupdates button.

Description: Ad destroy will remove 99% of advertisements in Yahoo! Messenger.

Is ONLY compatible with Yahoo! Messenger 10 Official Builds.


Remove Advertisements
Enable Polygamy
Enable Smiley Search
Disable Buzz! Sound
Disable Yupdater
Disable smileys
Disable Audibles
Remove Plugins area/Y!Mobile/Y!insider
Disable Chat Abuse Link
Toggle Nicknames/Usernames
Enable Messenger Debug Options
Disable Yahoo! Messenger at Startup

64bit: 171.90 KB
32bit: 172.32 KB

DeactCheck: 46.61 KB


DednDave patched exe for ym version - Mirror

...older Vesions

Offset 75409 (hex) from 84 to 85
patched exe builds by Dave

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Standalone Audio Setup Wizard
Dermot's YRemover
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