Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RatioMaster 1.8.5 by moofdev

Changelog 1.8.5:
- Feature : added another HTTP proxy support USurf and similar programs
- Feature : added 'Test Settings' button to Network tab, it will test general and proxy settings
- Bug fix : fixed problem with /start command line switch in some cases
- Update : improvements to memory reader
- Update : updated language template to ver. 1.8.5, new translation and client files
- Small fixes and improvements

Changelog 1.8.4 update:
* Update : new client emulations e.g.
- Deluge 1.1.7
- Transmission 1.06 (Build 5136) and many more...

and many more...


Correction its the update check on revers IP from the Homepage

Download visit | Mirror

right click save as.

Seba14 and SB-I Builds are the same, they are not reversed or different in the program exe. Just more or less BT clients ua string, external files are added.

When RatioMaster starts it checks for a new version on . It is OK.
You can disable it in advanced options, but this way you wont know when new version is released.
And last thing, you need to only download RatioMaster from official site : to be on safe side do not switch certain 3th party proxy tools between.

Don't use Feature : added another HTTP proxy support for xxx and similar programs. The grayed out aerial on Google maps and by init these proxy tools IP's are organizations, not suitable for p2p.


Anonymous said...

Since seba without having permision stolen and changed the files from SB-I to look like he did them, yes the files are the same.

i dont think that there is a trojan inide because that would be the end of this tool.

IlLusioN said...

so why do it connect to the homepage server by program start and sometimes between?
I will not call it trojan but what for should it be good that the program send by start outgoing connection to it's homepage host? Things I do now is record the data stream to this servers when its idle and by using it in action with login to an tracker. The first new feature is such stupid using these proxy tools with P2P which builds 28plus connections by startup init to svr connect, you found a army base around which helps people to access websites. I wont use this in combination with filesharing.

IlLusioN said...

ok ok did the following as the firewall pop up by program start and show ratiomaster.exe want outgoing connection on port 80 to


came out here:

did google translate the site
with this text:

вопрос на счет Ratio Master...
почему при его запуске, он сразу же пытается обратиться на 80 port и ( 80 port ???

А при проверке через сайт касперского файла RatioMaster.exe, дядькак касперский говорит, что файл инфицирован...


and remember it was once as virus listed.

reverse host lookup show its the homepage of ratiomaster.

Might be autoupdate check goes on by every program start and contact the url's. However, removed the update check in the exe now.

About this .client files I think just edit the existent files content right, save it and newer client soft work on the same way sending the right request to trackers. Thats all.

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