Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PrefBar 4.2 for Firefox 3.5 - Quick access to all importand functions


The original preferences toolbar was designed to give the user more control over the pages viewed, and to allow the power browser to use mozilla with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. The PrefBar 4 takes this concept to a whole new level; along with the standard preference checkboxes, the new version includes utility buttons, user agent spoofing, web links, and more, served on a fully customizable toolbar with a side of white rice. It's even possible to use PrefBar to create "macro buttons" to run nearly any code you want..

The current version of the PrefBar is 4.2, build 20090629. It should work with SeaMonkey 1.0.5 to 1.1+ and Firefox 2.0 to 3.5+.

Alpas, Betas and Nightlies are not supported. Mozilla Suite is not longer supported!

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What's New

  • PrefBar 4.2 available
    PrefBar 4.2 is available, now. Most important changes:
    • It's possible to add SOCKS proxies to the Proxylist
    • PrefBar 4.2 works with Firefox 3.5
    You may have a look at the Changelog for more info.
    2009-06-30 - Manuel Reimer
  • Several new buttons uploaded
    I've uploaded three new buttons, I've been working on. Please check them and tell me, if you have any problems.
    • Page2Image Button
      This is next version of the old "Page2Jpeg" Button. It'll also save your currently visible page to one big image file, but lets you choose between JPEG and PNG for the output format.
    • New Windows Checkbox
      This, most probably, is the most important new button. Anything, it does, is to allow you to choose where to open new links, by disabling nearly all ways, a webmaster can use to cause your browser to open new windows.
    • eBayNegs Button
      If you have a eBay article page open in your current tab, then this button quickly opens a list of all neutral and negative feedbacks of the eBay member, selling this article.
    2009-03-10 - Manuel Reimer
  • New documentation area, first Howto uploaded
    I've modified the "documentation" navigation entry, above, to have a "sub-navigation", to allow me to store even more documentation for end users, and in future even for developers.
    So far, a new "Howtos"-area is placed there next to the "PrefBar Help", which always had been there.
    The first Howto is one, which shows how checkboxes may be colored, depending on their switch state, using CSS.
    2008-12-12 - Manuel Reimer
  • Uploaded new Button: Validate Buttons 1.0
    A new button file to validate your pages is available here. It contains one button to validate HTML and one to validate CSS.
    2008-10-23 - Manuel Reimer

Official builds

PrefBar 4.2, german and english language

Translations to other languages

Note to translators: If you have translated PrefBar to your langauge, then please tell me (Manuel Reimer, see Members) the URL to your project page, to get your project page linked here.

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