Thursday, June 4, 2009

Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes

Today I browsed my old page hostet from 2003 - 2005 in webarchiver, did search some nice webservices. One good collection of webtools is here:
To make it short I searched for this tool which can do remarks comments on all websites. Without moderation by forum Admins for example and others its easy to comment the web. Little bit joking about this and that. Leaving hidden comments (code snips include to the mods),... Remarks with the direct link url for download by some blogs,... post in forums on sites invisible without the need to sign up, leaving your comments/notes everywhere to share...
Here you go:

1. Make an account on ( it was before known as Furl)
2. By firefox install: with remarks only private vs public) test: also can test
3. other browsers toolbar ( - which is available to download
4. have fun.

Diigo: Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes

This official Diigo add-on seamlessly integrates your browser with, the next-generation social bookmarking and annotation service on the web. It provides the following enhancements that can make your browsing experience and research process on web much more productive.

- Add persistent highlights and sticky notes on any webpage
- Save your bookmarks and cache bookmarked pages on the web so you can access them anywhere, anytime
- Organize and search your bookmarks by tags and lists, and by full-text search
- Share your bookmarks with friends and groups, and through twitter, facebook, etc
- Enable you to connect with people who have bookmarked the same page or site
- Easily publish your bookmarks and annotations to blogs

For a product tour and more details about this extension, please visit:

For product feedback and enhancement requests, please post to:

How to:
post the Annotations Link! Comments/Notes/etc.. with Diigo should work now.

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