Thursday, June 18, 2009

eMule 0.49c DaRk MysteRy 1.1 by umeK


ADDED: new Sources Management
[+ Global HardLimit[adjustable under DaRk_MysteRy Tree] ,
auto ext. SourceDrop with Block, faster Source Finding (XS,Kad etc.),Reask and other improvements...] (umeK)
ADDED: Global HardLimit to MysteRy-Stats (umeK)
ADDED: Show Avg-QR [DownloadList] (Xman/Stulle)
ADDED: Show Sourcecount on Title (umeK)
ADDED: Reask after IPChange (Pawcio/changes by umeK)
FIXED: a Bug on NickAddon-Thief (umeK)
FIXED: other little things around the Mod... (umeK)
CHANGED: Options-Tree under Extended (umeK)
CHANGED: few things on Opcodes (umeK)
CHANGED: some Icons (umeK)
CHANGED: Don't send XS (umeK)
OPTIMIZED: MysteRy-Creditsystem (umeK)
OPTIMIZED: MysteRy-Upload Management (umeK)

thats not all changes but the most...
have fun...

Download: eMule_0.49c_DaRk_MysteRy_1.1.rar | DDL 1.84 MB

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