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Yahoo! Messenger Alpha + Ads Patcher Remover Multilanguage

Yahoo! Messenger! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger is an advertisement-supported instant messaging client and associated protocol provided by Yahoo!. Yahoo! Messenger is provided free of charge and can be downloaded and used with a generic “Yahoo! ID” which also allows access to other Yahoo! services such as Yahoo! Mail where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email. Yahoo! also offers PC-PC, PC-Phone and Phone-to-PC service, file transfers, web-cam hosting, text messaging service and chat rooms in various categories.
It’s not a Beta, it's a pre-alpha leak.

Version Yahoo! Messenger Whats new:
1. Updated appearance
2. Added friend status bar
3. Language selection (with this you don't need to
download another version just select the language in the options)


To disable yahoo state browser plugin auto integration remove in Program Files\Yahoo!\Shared\npYState.dll

To remove the Ads, replace the included YahooMessenger.exe [patched] with the installed one in install folder \Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe
(always up to date Ads Patched yahoomessenger exe: by direct entering this page, Adobe Acrobat Webbrowser plugins ask for enable java-script in Acrobat -> click no for security)
version Beta patched:
For those who like to edit their own, change the
byte from 84h to 83h at the following offset:

offset 64E2B, byte 84h -> 83h

- To change the login Animation etc... run Yahoo Tweaker.exe

- To change the Gui Language go to settings menu > Language > select your language

Download Yahoo! Messenger Installer, patched YahooMessenger.exe and Yahoo Tweaker in-one file: Yahoo! Messenger all-in-one.7z Size: 19.65 MB | Mirror | Mirror

Install log is to found in \Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\INSTALL.LOG


Just a ported search and replace patcher for this version and the latest v9 finals (not a universal patcher!). Change the bytes in: %ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe
Based on dedndave pattern, created with dUP

Yahoo! Messenger

Searchpattern : 84 CA 01 00 00 68 6C 77
Replacepattern : 83 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Match : 1
Comment : *generated by dUP*
PE-Section : .text
RawOffset : 00064E2B
VirtualAddress: 00464E2B

Added Offset patch for Version and
change byte from 84h to 83h at the following offsets offset 3780E 84h -|> 83h offset 3780E 84h -|> 83h

RAW Offset | Old Byte | New Byte
0003780E 84 83

Download Ads Remover Patch for Yahoo! Messenger Versions and and
Yahoo!Messenger-Ads-Remover- [mpress'ed]
Yahoo!Messenger-Ads-Remover- [upx'ed]

Download for Yahoo! Messenger Version only:
Yahoo!Messenger-Ads-Remover- [upx'ed]

NOD shows by files compressed with latest mpress a false positive: NOD32 4172 2009.06.19 probably a variant of Win32/HackTool.Patcher.A

I could use vmprotect to compress and remove the false positives from AV's but its stupid not only cause vmprotect have not a good compression ratio (180.50 KB), there is nothing to hide inside as changing 2 byte in a exe where u can do this manual in any hexeditor.
However some AV's can in year 2009 still not properly unpack and scan through the files if freeware packer used. If your AV is annoying you, here VMProtect compressed: yahoo!.messenger. (180.50 KB)
Not compressed, the patcher cause of the skin and animations, will have a size of 637 KB (652.288 bytes)!

Yahoo! Messenger - Wise Installer unpacked [NoInstall]:
Yahoo!Messenger10.0.0.331-NoSetup.7z 10.68 MB

offline Language packs
comes in \Documents and Settings\All Users~\Application Data\Yahoo!\Messenger\resources\de-DE (fr-FR, ...)

URLS: langpacks.xml


File: Yahoo!Messenger10.0.0.331-Setup.exe
CRC-32: e5d7d0b4
MD4: 2cead9f6932aec4dc1b38eb6d348a2a8
MD5: cb23fd823ed052c2df3dc9a4da184051
SHA-1: 892a9955de53b92b02bd05d8fa102a4a76f60ea2
Digital Signature: Yahoo! Inc. Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009 04:49:03

File version: Yahoo! Messenger
Size: 15,7 MB (16.482.584 bytes)

Patched YahooMessenger.exe:

File: YahooMessenger.exe
CRC-32: 75dff14c
MD4: 63ff5408a39f022f6353ca0f5ed4dcf6
MD5: 28338fcac618e89533ad47617e5ff1ee
SHA-1: 6e760fe409b48794125d481564156fd37f221885
File version: Yahoo! Messenger
Size: 4,82 MB (5.063.920 bytes)

Yahoo Tweaker Customize your Yahoo! Messenger
File: Yahoo Tweaker.exe
CRC-32: 08fe69c8
MD4: 0fa15c55b2f446f7d8c913ca82921d1e
MD5: 768731f7991d412bd7329fec8f0ff463
SHA-1: 98ca2dfb20c31edce1b2c1279823b1d985b0f1b4
File version:
Size: 3,13 MB (3.283.469 bytes)

Download Yahoo! Messenger all-in-one

File: Yahoo! Messenger all-in-one.7z
CRC-32: 573f924f
MD4: 900ea1a24279c80a65d9c3a590680a1b
MD5: 428663f2effd83795a6771955f87182b
SHA-1: 44e0122bdef0a5a52111f1ef1e219cefe05d449e
Size: 19,6 MB (20.604.831 bytes)


File: Yahoo!Messenger-Ads-Remover-
CRC-32: 898ec9be
MD4: 7bb3be40094ffa6784fc486ef4141692
MD5: 842de6c6ebc351b8d61890e30ed1bae9
SHA-1: 1065452cc4b09e8f0d9df167a1cd801bbbc376af

File: Yahoo!Messenger-Ads-Remover-
CRC-32: a5712330
MD4: b5a890636200b7b8b9cbf046baa502c9
MD5: a78f7e4607c0eff40ba974f55709fcca
SHA-1: 6d1207ec4f0b12367af96e82c218d0354c85013c

File: Yahoo!Messenger-Ads-Remover-
CRC-32: d93e9da1
MD4: a9dbe7c7fb50f09d462d067923c3d1d1
MD5: 472a785cd40ab480969780a97fbe0a8c
SHA-1: 7f38dea542aeb3da8c09531df1e6634f00a66380


Latest Final Version and Extras:
as of today
eg. Deutsch (de):

Update check Final Versions:

Ads Free YahooMessenger.exe patched: 1.89 MB

Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast Plugin:

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