Thursday, June 11, 2009

OpenVPN 2.1 rc18

OpenVPN 2.1_rc18 -- released on 2009.06.07 (Change Log)

The OpenVPN 2.1 beta series is ready for testing and limited production usage. Major new features include:

* Windows Vista-ready on both x86 and x64.
* OpenVPN GUI is now packaged in the Windows installer.
* topology subnet feature, allowing intuitive tun-based VPN subnets having 1 IP address per client.
* TAP-Win32 adapter can now be opened from non-administrator mode.
* PKCS #11 features for usage of cryptographic tokens ("smart cards").
* multihome feature to enable UDP-based multihoming of the server on multiple interfaces.
* port-share feature to allow OpenVPN and an HTTPS server to share TCP port 443.

2.1 Change Log

OpenVPN Change Log
Copyright (C) 2002-2009 OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.

2009.06.07 -- Version 2.1_rc18

* Fixed compile error on ./configure --enable-small

* Fixed issue introduced in r4475 (2.1-rc17) where cryptoapi.c change
does not build on Windows on non-MINGW32.

2009.05.30 -- Version 2.1_rc17

* Reduce the debug level (--verb) at which received management interface
commands are echoed from 7 to 3. Passwords will be filtered.

* Fixed race condition in management interface recv code on
Windows, where sending a set of several commands to the
management interface in quick succession might cause the
latter commands in the set to be ignored.

* Increased management interface input command buffer size
from 256 to 1024 bytes.

* Minor tweaks to Windows build system.

* Added "redirect-private" option which allows private subnets
to be pushed to the client in such a way that they don't accidently
obscure critical local addresses such as the DHCP server address and
DNS server addresses.

* Added new 'autolocal' redirect-gateway flag. When enabled, the OpenVPN
client will examine the routing table and determine whether (a) the
OpenVPN server is reachable via a locally connected interface, or (b)
traffic to the server must be forwarded through the default router.
Only add a special bypass route for the OpenVPN server if (b) is true.
If (a) is true, behave as if the 'local' flag is specified, and do not
add a bypass route.

The new 'autolocal' flag depends on the non-portable test_local_addr()
function in route.c, which is currently only implemented for Windows.
The 'autolocal' flag will act as a no-op on platforms that have not
yet defined a test_local_addr() function.

* Increased TLS_CHANNEL_BUF_SIZE to 2048 from 1024 (this will allow for
more option content to be pushed from server to client).

* Raised D_MULTI_DROPPED debug level to 4 from 3 to filter out (at debug
levels <=3) a common and usually innocuous warning.* Fixed issue of symbol conflicts interfering with Windows CryptoAPIfunctionality (Alon Bar-Lev).* Fixed bug where the remote_X environmental variables were not beingset correctly when the 'local' option is specifed.


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