Sunday, June 7, 2009

VLC UnRAR plugin RAR player 20090307

The VLC UnRAR plugin turns VLC into a RAR player that allows you to watch videos (including seeking) directly from inside multi-volume RAR archives without the need to manually unpack them first. No more waiting for files to extract, simply open the archive as any other video file and watch! Just download the plugin for your operating system, follow the installation instructions and you’ll have a RAR player in no time.

There is no pre-extraction, piping or other ugliness, video data is extracted on-demand when requested. This means that it’s possible to stream a RAR archived video over a network connection (even wireless connections works).
The plugin for 0.9.8a usually works with more recent versions as well (0.9.x).


* Completely FREE with full source code.
* Supports multi-volume RAR archives with full support for seeking
* Supports RAR archived DVD images!
* No external programs or special launch scripts needed
* Simple plugin that works with any VLC installation, no separate RAR player needed
* Platform-independent, binaries available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD
* No pre-extraction of files, data is read directly from inside the archive when requested


The plugin has some limitations, some of which might be fixed in future versions.

* Seeking only works properly with m0 archives (archives without compression). Don’t worry, almost every volume is archived using this option.
* It does not support multiple files inside an archive, the largest file is selected.
* There is no support for RAR packed subtitles, you’ll have to extract and apply them manually
* There is no support for password protected RAR archives
* It’s currently not possible to view partial archives, all parts must be present


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