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Thunder DDR Source Project

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Thunder DDR1.5 Advertising free version
The reversing hack source code

Thunder5.7.2.371 DDR Ver1.5 SourceProject ReadMe
I announced today I write source code, learning to play the role of the exchange, because in the near future there, I will be involved in a very important test, although the results of the examination is not important for me in terms of, but I definitely wanted to efforts. I will not have time to defend these things, instead of it lying in the drive, the better off, so I can heart Saitantan to review all of the homework, otherwise resort of heart.

Well, the software things, including the documentation and code for myself, I have a detailed record and debugging large number of documents recorded, but unfortunately are written in the papers, so I can upload, but I can put all the code of upload, although our understanding of it some will be difficult, but I explained in a little below, in order to have a global concept.

Local Download:
Microsoft network drives download:

Source directory and document summarization explained:
.........This is the main directory
371Project .........这个是迅雷5.7.2.371版的目录
LinkSimulate .........这个是模拟链接的ATL框架支持的ActiveX源代码
s_parselink .........模拟链接解密静态库源代码(即base64解码编码库)
setup371 .........这个是5.7.2.371安装脚本和迅雷安装文件
ThunderSetting .........这个就是大家熟悉的"DDR迅雷设置中心"的源代码了
tpatch371 .........细心的人一定知道DDR迅雷program目录里面有个tpatch.dll文件, 这个就是那个文件的源代码
iTargetAD_Re .........这个是我改写的iTarget.dll文件的ASM源代码,为什么用asm写,你打开看就知道了。

Build environment:
Visual Studio 2005
masm32(This is win32 ASM Compiler, only iTargeAD_Re in a directory of files you will need it)
Inno Setup5 (Script Compiler, setup371 contents packaged need it)

  If you want to practice editing operation, it would need the above three software. I can guarantee is perfectly through the compiler, and if you do not understand some of the compiler or some not familiar with the environment, do not need to worry too much, you can look at the source code, on the basis of the understanding and use their familiar environment to rewrite.

  Of course I admit that some of them written in code does not seem to be very elegant, but it is not my real level, I only can run up to code, not to find ways to help code has become more beautiful, because the family was not supported program, I can only write a gap between interludes, although this was quite bad, but it is also expedient 1:00, but I still add many notes you see in the paper I was the Notes are added, the notes will be the source of light, without any changes and deletions (You will find the same in many wrong notes other characters ^ _ ^).

  Welcome everyone to rewrite, can also raise questions and views, but I might not be able to give an answer to a control time online, so I do not have much hope. But I will have time for the occasional look at the back :-)

And then to say that, some time ago there are many netizens to visit my space, Happyhome, I often tell my friends, my visit statistics is called up to the noises, almost close to tan (x) (0 to PI / 2) those curves, but the future of 100 many days, may not go out my version, because I have a new goal. Now 2007.9.27 8:55, I do not know what the new version of the Thunder will be a time, in fact, I would like to give us a new version of the 380 (call it the moment) modified the source code, but I can not wait, this can not be regarded as a matter of regret, but I hope that when I come back to see more interesting cool version ......

  Of course light source is not enough, some things I want you to use OllyDbg or other debugging software. In fact this is not difficult, at best, only a simple CrackMe it, but there should be some patience, more comprehensive analysis of the results recorded.

  tpach371 Contents of the file is the key to shielding advertising can be used LordPE software tools, or similar procedures inside inserted into Thunder because with the way memory is rewriting that can be combined OllyDbg, In memory of rewriting code before and after the changes. Otherwise, you just look at this part of a code might be rain, because some local use asm can explain. 1:00 to give tips on how to debug, I suggest you inside the debuggerWriteProcessMemory, in memory of rewriting code before and after the changes.

  ThunderSetting Contents of the file is Thunder set DDR Center; is a rewrite of GUI Shell ini files, and there is nothing substantive content, but it has set up convenient.LinkSimulate Simulation is the key link, although T is the crux of the simple but very clear, I look at the IDL document description, a COM replace it, I get all the parameters Thunderbolt threw it to the COM, working, and I had to stop it is.
  s_parselink Yes static libraries, LinkSimulate and tpatch371 it will be called, there are two base64 decoding and encryption functions, and some special links conversion function, the chain will not be intimidated, I have here the full conversion method.

  iTargetAD_Re The most simple, I also added a makefile document, so you will not compile time too tired, huh ....
  Then setup371 libary a script compiler code, and the removal of community interaction OCrack_XLCommunity.dll.bak files, you can put it with the genuine XLCommunity.dll by comparison tool to control document, a change Oh, of course, see some 16-digit string is not any different significance, you have to practice to OllyDBG below what in the end to what has changed, why such a change, this will be harvested ....

Actually, I should put all the items inside a project, but I did not do so, leading to more chaos directory now, but I have the strength to do our best to have all explained again.

  Well, so I have to pick the key points are clear, and the rest to rely on yourself, you are willing to change how Tim ah ah ah censored can, the best way out is to digest all of that and then Ctrl-Delete, re-create their own.

  Finally, I would like to quote the New teachers do at the end of the sentence: From despair find hope, life will eventually glory.......

Date: Birthday
by DDrMsdos

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English FAQ and Translation Pack for Thunder:
I am using Xunlei English Translation

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I don't know where this article is translate in machine or only by yourself.Actually,it's very good. Even though some translation isn't exactly enough.
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