Friday, October 5, 2007

Shareaza RC1 and Daily Builds

This is a Release Candidate 1 for
It will show expiry messages after one month, but it will continue to work.

Shareaza Client -
- 0000008: [Other] Crash on browsing myself (Rolandas)
- 0000059: [Skinning] unreadable text (SkinVista)
- 0000001: [Library] HTTP Download Manager Bug (MikeW)
- network fails">0000026: [Other] Shareaza crashes->network fails (MikeW)
- 0000024: [Other] Crashed while running minimized to system tray as soon as I added a contact to my msn meessenger friend list (MikeW)

Shareaza Client -

Shareaza Beta

Shareaza Client -
- 0000027: [Other] Crashed while running minimized to system tray on deletion of a Mobile Device file through win explorer (MS Activesync) (Rolandas)

Know issue: Upload bandwidth limit in the settings is always reseted to MAX
Download Shareaza RC1
Download Shareaza RC1 via HTTP

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Shareaza_20071014.exe(9.27 MB) MB)

The Shareaza Daily Updater Script can be used to update to the latest daily without user interaction.

Old builds are available from the archive page to aid in tracking down when a particular bug started.

Installer RSS Feed Installer Standalone RSS Feed Standalone Commit Log
Shareaza_20071014.exe(9.27 MB) MB) changes.20071014.txt
Shareaza_20071013.exe(9.26 MB) MB) changes.20071013.txt
Shareaza_20071012.exe(9.26 MB) MB) changes.20071012.txt
Shareaza_20071011.exe(9.27 MB) MB) changes.20071011.txt

 Shareaza_2.2.5.6_RC1..> 02-Oct-2007 14:27   4.8M 

TorrentAid_1.0.0.5.exe 16-Sep-2007 15:01 502k

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