Sunday, October 14, 2007

AntiARP-DNS Ver. 3.6.4

In your campus network, your network is frequently dropped calls? Whether frequently visited Web pages or can not slow? Whether frequent IP conflict? Whether your network by network management software speed limit? (ARP attack now common software: Poly Health Network Management, P2P Terminator, network agents, network scissors in hand, LAN Terminator and so on ...)
The above problems belong to deceive the ARP attack. ARP attack in the absence of deception before the data flow: Gateway machine. ARP spoofing attacks, the flow of data into: Gateway attacker machine, this machine and all communications gateway between the data will flow through the attacker, and thus the subjugation of the inevitable.
So there will be a AntiARP - DNS, Hei hei. Campus Network strongly recommend the use of a friend, can effectively solve these problems, its effectiveness.

1. AntiARP - DNS [main program]
It includes the ARP and DNS deception real-time monitoring and attack the defense, the attack will prompt record tracing the attacker and control the extent to attack the lowest. LAN can effectively prevent the illegal ARP or DNS deceive attack, especially applied to the campus network. It can also be resolved after the attacks of IP conflicts. Annoying boxes. If your machine is in the ARP-like virus, please download using Windows Update to address, the use of this procedure only auxiliary. (ARP mandatory anti-deception, please refer to the official related article.)
2. IP-Mac Scan [auxiliary scanning procedure]
It used for LAN IP corresponding quantities within the true MAC scans to ensure that the information be accurate MAC. But it has also been provided to facilitate batch conversion bundled IP-MAC to facilitate the network management needs.
Ps: This software is free software pure green, the driver does not need any support from the underlying operating system does not need, to use a more stable more convenient. I will continue to update that more family support.

Small Tip:
Some machines use always the problem, the specific reasons for the system cause problems.
There may be too much garbage system, plug-in too much, and so on ... can be considered heavy equipment system! After testing the system in the clean operating environment is very stable.
Compatible: 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista If you found a Bug, please inform the author

2007-10-14 Ver:3.6.4 Preliminary version of the transition
1. Attacks source out; new packet loss test pages
2. IP-MacScan have been integrated into the History Log and expansion
3. Set up in the re-wrote the Gateway will no longer make mistakes
4. Set up in the new IP conflict maker detection
5. Local antivirus; DNS bundled in a more humane friendly (example: Automatic Updates can be automatically added, automatic control list)
6. More amended BUG
Note: The next version will be a relatively substantial upgrading. If found later new ideas the program will continue to update.

By JiaJia QQ:82713957 http://Www.YuLv.Net
Download Ver. 3.6.4: Click on the green landscaping stable version download

The GUI is Chinese but after a while playing with the application the operation is possible.

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