Monday, October 8, 2007

nLite v1.4 RC

nLite v1.4 RC
Whats new in nLite 1.4 RC:
* new: Password expiration Unattended option
* upd: Addons (added [Strings],[UpdateCabs] and automatic i386 files detection for 64bit)
* upd: KB937143,kb925398 direct integration
* fix: Argentina added to the Location setting
* fix: My Computer - Context Menu tweaks
* fix: 1689 error during Intel textmode driver integration
* fix: x64 sp2 unattended IIS install (was breaking installation)
* fix: FIPS compliant
* fix: Win2k Iswow64 error on Slipstream Select
* fix: Shell HW Detection service can't start
* fix: Network Monitor removal (breaking Computer Browser in 2k3)
* rem: Removed a few Visual Effects in Tweaks (bsod at logon on German Windows)
* rem: Removed Network DDE for Win2k (hanging at saving settings)

Download v1.4RC Self extracting archive:
nLite-1.4.rc.exe 2,28 MB (2.392.884 bytes)
MD5: c1863c876d6d53f0ef1077f73d40f219 nLite-1.4.rc.exe

Installer v1.4 RC:
2.45 MB MD5: 4BEF2D2DFA99C8F53DDF8E418B5CF64E nLite-1.4.rc.installer.exe
download Mirrors: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

ATTENTION YOU NEED RefControl FF Extention and config to send by file download request referrer to the download file: and all other links!
File have hotlink protection you need to spoof the referrer by request url!!!

For those who can not operate them webbrowser with settings spoof ua/ref, by request, post...
Fileshare link: nLite-1.4.rc.exe
Fileshare link: nLite-1.4.rc.installer.exe

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