Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Adware bundled torrent client: TURBO TORRENT

• Clean and free, without any adware or spyware.
• Stable and fast core, very low CPU usage.
• The most visually appealing as well as feature rich Bittorrent client.
• Built-in Web based Torrent search engine.
• Very intuitive and user friendly GUI.
• Comes complete with Install / Uninstall Wizard.
• Built-in Torrent Search Engine (Web based).
• Multiple simultaneous downloads, ability to select download files in one torrent and set file priority.
• Queuing and downloading of multiple torrents. (Starting, stopping, pausing, queue up, queue down etc)
• Ability to limit the upload speed as well as download speed.
• Intelligent Connection Optimize, Auto Optimization for different connections, runs well using all default settings.
• Intelligent Rate Control, optimize the upload distribution in order to get the max download rate.
• Intelligent Disk Allocating, no long-time disk allocation, also decrease the disk fragment to almost zero.
• Intelligent Hash Scan, no time-consuming scanning when seeding / resume.
• Ability to block IP temporarily or permanently.
• Support Muti-tracker torrent format, and utf-8 extension, UDP tracker Protocol.
• Real-time list of peer addresses and their statistics. Reverse DNS toggle-able.
• Advanced Progress bar graphically illustrates which pieces of the file have been downloaded.
• A graph to display upload and download rates over time. Each torrent being downloaded has it's own graph record.
• Optional Web Interface for remote adminstration.
• Friends Priority System. Friends IP address can be set to get upload preference if they are downloading the same file.
• Temporary upload priority can be given to peers by right clicking them in the list.
• Peers can be banned by right clicking them in the list.
• Detailed message view for statistics and error reporting.
• System tray icon graphically displays upload download statistics.
• Can be set to use user customizable folders for storing torrent and incoming files.
• User customizable upload choker (the choker determines which peer you upload to):
• User customizable color settings to change look and feel.
• User customizable global upload rate.
• User customizable upload behavior (upload rate / number of uploads)
• User customizable listening ports, ip bindings
• Multi-Tracker support
• Written in Python. Utilizes wxWidgets.

Advertiser u.a.:

Virus info:
VERY LOW (Europe - Germany - Spain - Poland and South America - Brazil)
Size: varies
Found : 2007 Jun 19
* %ProgramFiles%\VVSN\VVSN.exe
* %ProgramFiles%\VVSN\VVSN.cfg
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ "VVSN" = "%ProgramFiles%\VVSN\VVSN.exe"

more info:

same schematic as the other malware clients. One and the same Webtemplate under different names and styles hosted.

Virus update: in latest Version are 3 Viruses:
  • Virus Name: Application.Adware.Savenow.G
  • Virus Name: Adware.BHO
  • Virus Name: Adware.VB
Setup Installer unpacked content:


Program Dir\
VVSN\VVSN.exe (Save Now Ads)

Title=Turbo Torrent is supported by advertising.

[Field 1]

[Field 2]
Text=You help support Turbo Torrent by agreeing to install WhenU SaveNow advertising software. While you are browsing online, our software will display pop up advertisements and comparison shopping results related to your Web-browsing activity.\r\n\r\nWe respect your privacy. We collect only non-personally-identifiable information so we can deliver more relevant advertising and improve the performance of our software. To find out more,\r\n or call us toll-free at 1-866-WhenU-11.\r\n\r\nPlease read our and

[Field 3]
Text=click here

[Field 4]
Text=End User License Agreement

[Field 5]
Text=Privacy Policy.

[Field 6]
Text=By clicking "Next" below, I agree to download this software, and I accept the terms of the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Its G3 Pyton BitTorrent Build File Dates: 06/14/2006 engine G3 src recompiled with a small gui changes, BHO dll's added and bundled with advertising second application.

Turbo Torrent comes with Malware
TorrentSpy and the others
malware clients are Rufus Original modification and added with Adware

Read more Wikipedia
malware clients version of Rufus created by TorrentSpy with WhenU SaveNow adware bundled in it)

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