Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stripper v2.13 beta 10 - public Stripper v2.13 beta 9 by syd - ASPack unpacker

stripper 2.13 - unpacker for aspr.

* what is new in 2.13
- fixed: error 85
- experimental: gathering all scrambled code to new section .poly
- experimental: restoring VM instructions (jmp, jxx, cmp)
- experimental: patching one type of CheckEnvelope

* what is new in 2.11
- aspr 1.3 - 2.0 unpacking (to unpack aspr < 1.3 and aspack use stripper 2.07f)- registry cleaner feature- preserving extra data feature- IceExt support- HT support* features:- unpacking asprotected programs (exe, dll, ocx);- rebuilding resources, relocations and import;- doing some researching of packed program;* requirements:- stripper works only under 2k and XP, also you must haveadministrator's rights;- there will be no win9x version;- SoftIce with "i3here on" for using reversing feature; * greetings to:- Sten, infern0, FEUERRADER, sanniassin, Alexy, Chris, MARcoDEN, egor2fsys,Alessandro, Kop, Zilot, -= ALEX =-, mac and _all_ other hackersaround the world working for the same reason v2.07 (final with HT) - last stable release, use it to unpack aspack 2.xx and aspr 1.2x..

stripper v2.11 (rc2) - unpacker for aspr 1.3 - 2.0, use it on your own risk..

stripper v2.13 (last beta) (Beta 9 last public) - unfortunaly someone released stripper 2.13beta8 and I have only to say if you dont want me working on stripper I close this project.. good luck..
Stripper.7z 627.89 KB
stripper v2.13 beta 10 - only for friends tester...

Rel.: aspack unpacker v1.13 all versions


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