Thursday, October 18, 2007

eMule 0.48a beba v1.6 by Tuxman

eMule 0.48a beba v1.6 [the bellaItalia edition]
** released October 17 2007

- added: Nodes.dat update via URL [Xanatos]
- added: Tits [Tuxman]
* note that they are displayed by a random generator; to stop displaying them at all, add the line "EasterEgg=0" to the [beba] section of the file preferences.ini.

- improved: added the obfuscation's padding length setting to the "hidden preferences" [Tuxman]
- improved: auto-clean bad Kad keywords [BlueSonicBoy]
- improved: automatically switch default search type, depending on the network settings [taz]
- improved: better passive source finding [Xman]
- improved: Inform Clients is also valid for eMule+ [Spike2]
- improved: Nodes.dat will be saved every 4 hours [Avi3k/Xanatos]
- improved: request AICH hashset only if necessary [WiZaRd]

- fix (b): Client Analyzer information wasn't displayed (rofl) [Tuxman]
- fix (b): Filename Disparity Check displayed the wrong icon [Tuxman]
- fix (b): Friends Details dialog couldn't be closed correctly [Tuxman]
* changed the dialog to a basic one [SLUGFILLER/Xanatos]
* we don't need to call the whole ClientDetailsDialog here ...
- fix (o): unhandled floating point exception in Contact.cpp [NetFinity]

- changed: disabled eD2K network by default [Tuxman]
* why does anyone need it when there's Kademlia?
- changed: disabled "show dl info on cat tabs" by default again [Tuxman]

Homepage: Website
Download @emulefuture

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