Tuesday, October 16, 2007

eMule 0.48a PP-EdItIoN v0.6 public beta *HOTFIX* by hexistenz

eMule 0.48a PP-EdItIoN v0.6 Public Beta *HOTFIX*
eMule 048a PP-EdItIoN v0.6 public beta
(PP = power-portal)

ARGOS Anti Leech System [from x-ray mod]
DynamicBlockRequest [netfinity]
Slot Control [sivka/hexistenz]
SafeHash [Slugfiller/SiRoB]
Drop Stalled Sources [netfinity]
Save Upload-Queue-Wait-Time [moonlight]
Connetion Checker [eWombat/WiZaRd]
ReAsk Sources after IP Change [maella/Stulle]
AutoSoftLock [David Xanatos]
SourceDropSystem [sivka]
Toolbar [J.C.Conner/duke2601]
many Improvements [Xman/WiZaRd/David Xanatos/SiRoB]

more features:

adapted to Xtremelibs
DelayedNNP [netfinity]
SaveLoadSources [enkeyDEV/WiZaRd]
MultiFileStatusBars [Xanatos]
Clipstats [WiZaRd]
BetterClientAttaching [Xanatos]
KadInterfaceImprovement [Xanatos]
AICH Security [WiZaRd]
Many Fixes around the code [fafner/Xman/ilmira/leuk_he/Tuxman/JvA/shadow2004/Stulle/Wizard]
Part Import/Export [enkeyDEV]
Uploading Problem Client [Xman]
Extened Credit Table Arragement [Xman]
Rebind UPnP on IP-Change [Spike2]
Sourcecache [Spike2]
IP-Filter and Sockets improvements [BlueSonicBoy]
Changed FullChunk [WiZaRd]
server.met URL allready inside [WiZaRd/hexistenz]
Design Settings [eWombat]
Power Release [Xman]
Safe KAD [netfinity]
Emulate others [Spike2]
Anti-Fake-IP [WiZaRd]
Tabbed Prefs [TPT]
KadBootStrap + UpdateNodesDat [Xanatos]
dir vista officla fix [godlaugh2007]

Homepage and BBS
eMule_0.48a_PP-EdItIoN_v0.6_public_beta_BIN.rar 13-Oct-2007 14:18 4.1M
eMule_0.48a_PP-EdItIoN_v0.6_public_beta_SRC.rar 13-Oct-2007 21:04 7.9M

@sourceforge mirror osdn
Download PP-EdItIoN v0.6 *Hotfix* Binary
Download PP-EdItIoN v0.6 *Hotfix* Source

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