Tuesday, October 2, 2007

eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ-R v1.2 by MusicLover [mL]

ZZULtimativ-R V1.2

+ Server->Reconnect on LowID retries
+ Powershare Upload-Priority in Download
+ Show Permission Community only (Orange)
+ Show Permission Friends only (Green)
+ Quickstart readded and fixed bug
+ Push to Upload in Downloads readded
+ Mod-Menu sorted
- Drop Unknown removed
- FirstStart Wizard removed
- VersionCheck removed
- SplashScreen removed
- MobileMule removed

Important: Delete the old ZZULtimativprefs.ini and preferences.ini in \config file before starting the newer version please !!!

ZZULtimativ 1.6 Beta 2
+ Updated most Codeparts to ZZUL_20070513-2310
+ Extended CleanUp[Xman/Maella]
+ ClientAnalyzer Score Column in QueueList[pP]
+ choosable Slotspeed[pP]
+ better SlotSpeed[Spe64]
+ queued disc-access for read/flushing-threads[Xman]
+ SourceCache[Xman]
+ Quickstart[TPT/Stulle]
+ Reask Source After IP Change V2[Xman/Maella/Stulle]
+ Clear Banlist[pP]
+ moved UPNP Options to ZZULtimativ Prefpage

ZZULtimativ 1.6 Beta
Devs: 2BC,mL

2BC [BCNL] Texel changes:
+ Dropsystem with Dropbuttons[KTS/LSD/2BC]
+ ShowFriendsOnQueueDialog
+ some code Optimations from netfinity, dazzle, wizard, Morph
+ don't remove static servers
+ Colors for Low ID/Friends/friendslot/community/Downloading files
+ changed some other optical stuff (in Preferences, Symbols etc.)
+ better passive source finding[XMan]

mL [MusicLover] changes:
- official UPNP
+ UPNP[XMan]
+ Massrename in Downloadlist[Morph/XMan]
+ Show Requested Files[Sivka/XMan]
+ HashProgress[02/Xman]
+ Fix Crash at Shutdown[Sirob]
+ Show > when uploading and < when downloading in Status[Xman]
+ don't AddDeadsource in disconnected[Xman]
+ readded bool CPartFile::HashSinglePart(UINT partnumber) Flush Thread/Safehash: need the mono threaded hashing when shutting down otherwise the partfile must be rehashed on next startup[Xman]
+ filter outgoing server connections[Xman]
+ Fix Filtered Block Request[Xman/Sirob]
+ Send user agent as firefox for http downloads when obfucscation enabled [Xman/leuk_he]
+ SortingFix for Morph-Code-Improvement Don't Refresh item if not needed[Xman]
+ Some other Code Optimations and possible crashfixes by XMan,Maella,Wizard,Sirob,ilmira
+ P2PThreat - Detect worms that could be harmful to the network or eMule[netfinity]
- removed always ban if anticomm & antimod and unbanning from antimod

other Changes:
deactivated for now have to overlook the code when i compile with this features emule don't start:
TPT Process Priority[not implemented in the Prefsdlg yet]

ZZULtimativ-R V1.0

Hotfix V1.0

+ No Ratio
+ Changeable Modstring / Functioned now correctly
- Modstring preset up VipeR V7.0 removed

ZZULtimativ-R V1.0

+ New Toolbar Icons
+ Powershared Clients in Red + Bold
+ Powershared Files in Red + Bold
+ Force Power Slot in Orange + Bold
+ Status bar with CPU/RAM announcement
+ Apllejuice Detection v2.1.1
+ Drop-Buttons changed
+ Modstring preset up VipeR V7.0
+ Max Search Results unlimited
+ Kick Client + add IP to IpFilter.dat added
+ Vista Fix
+ Obfuskation Fix
+ ZZULtimativ 1.6beta Preferences Fix
+ Language file adapted
+ Optionsmenu adapted
+ Context Icons adapted
+ Emulate other Clients added
+ Colored Upload: Blue = Download Data Rate > 0
- Sidebanner removed
- Quickstart removed
- Funny Nicks removed
- Help removed
- IRC removed
- Whois removed
- TextToSpeech removed
- Scheduler removed
- Webinterface removed

...and more smaller changes :)

(based on ZZULtimativ 1.6 Beta 2)

Delete the ZZULtimativprefs.ini and preferences.ini in \config file before start another version please !!!

Homepage: / Ultimativ-Board

eMule exe is upx v2.03 optimized by default which makes it very compact in size.

Download upx v2.03 compressed with wrong or missing settings packed: eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ R v1.2.rar (3.98 MB)

no upx (uncompressed -d): eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ R v1.2 no upx.7z (3.46 MB)

Download latest Version upx v3.01 compressed (highest possible optimiz./compr. settings: /lzma /best /ultra-brute -> to as low as 1,61 MB): eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ-R v1.2 best.7z (3.56 MB)

One of the best eMule mods ever!

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