Thursday, February 11, 2010

YTK Enhanced SnD | YTK Enhanced Beta Full

YTK is a Security Application that runs alongside Yahoo! Messenger in order to enhance its functionality, remove unwanted annoyances (Adverts) and protect the end user from malicious Instant Message/Chatroom activity such as denial of service (booting). YTK protects your privacy by verifying inbound communications against it's privacy settings and an internal ignore and safe list.

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YTK Enhanced 2.6 Beta Build 70 Release Notes:

--> Buddy List parsing has been redone to handle the largest amount of buddies possible (1,000+) and will hopefully fix the large list accounts from disconnecting & reconnecting continuously when logging in.

--> Permanent Ignore List parsing has been redone to handle the largest amount of ignored users possible (hundreds).

--> Updated Yahoo! account username parsing to handle the main identity and account aliases (if any) to be more reliable.

--> Emoticons panel bug causing the emoticons to be cut off when Extended Emoticons was disabled has been fixed.

--> Extended Emoticons has been added back to PM windows in Yahoo! Messenger 10 beta.

--> U-Mode has been fixed to sign in first try in Yahoo! Messenger 10 beta.

--> U-Mode checkbox has been repositioned so it no longer messes up the Sign-in button in Yahoo! Messenger 10 beta.

--> Reveal Avatar feature fixed in Yahoo! Messenger 10 beta.

--> Auto-Scrolling has been fixed in chat rooms (for those that may've had this problem crop up).

--> Video Calling is now fully handled through group management/zoning and is supported separately from PC Voice Calls.

--> Refresh Buddy List bug in the Messenger buddy list YTK Enhanced menu has now been fixed (when refreshing Messenger shows buddies as signing OFF but doesn't remove them from your list... THIS IS NOT A YTK BUG!).

--> A Horizontal scrollbar issue has been eliminated in the chat room list (Messenger bug).

--> Added Auto-Refresh Buddy List option with adjustable time interval setting that will allow you to always stay as up-to-date as possible with buddy statuses and events (when refreshing Messenger shows buddies as signing OFF but doesn't remove them from your list... this IS NOT A YTK BUG!).

--> Added a PC Call SIP Server Selector so a reliable call server can now be selected (one is selected by default for you).

--> Added a PC Call SIP Port Selector

--> Added a Disable P2P option for PC Voice Calls

--> Added a Disable P2P option for PC Video Calls

--> Added a PC Call connection Keep-Alive option (on by default) that fixes the SIP PC call connection's "drop out" problem from the server.

--> Labeled Flood Cap Control anti-boot option "XP and below ONLY" so Vista and Windows 7 users can stop thinking there's a problem with it being disabled for them.

--> Reordered custom YTK Enhanced menus in Messenger's windows.

--> Fixed YTK Enhanced menu access when not signed in causing Messenger 10 beta to crash.

--> Added the "Smiley Search" feature for Yahoo! Messenger 10 beta (on by default); a feature that Yahoo! hasn't told the public about in their new Yahoo! Messenger v10.

--> Updated Yahoo! Messenger version & build checker to work for all new Yahoo! Messenger version 10 releases.

--> Fixed Username Auto-Completion to work without problems. Hold down the Shift key and press the Right-Arrow key to scroll through the list of names (is also labeled for how to use it in the control panel).

--> Added a Name Deactivation Checker ---------------------\
--> Added a Name Lock/Ban Checker --------------------------> 3-in-1 Name Checker
--> Added a Name Availability/Existence Checker ----------/

--> Added all *working* Webcam servers to the Webcam Presence Verification anti-spam feature so it's now, in theory, 100% accurate again. There are only 6 out of 48 servers total that work for this purpose and only 3 of these are accurate and in YTK at present.

--> Working Webcam servers for the Webcam Presence Verification feature also work for the Webcam Scan/Webcam "Online" Checker.

--> Fixed a bug in YTK's Message Archive Decoder/Viewer where "Archive" was being listed as a profile ID on the local computer.

--> Message Archive Decoder was updated to locate archive files regardless of where YM is installed on the hard drive.

--> Added a new option that allows you to Disable/Enable SMS in Yahoo! Messenger.

--> Temporarily resolved the Join/Leave notifications bug (where it's disabled) when ignored users are removed from the chat room (for now they're shown leaving until this is officially resolved!).

--> Added the ability to simply Double-Click a 'Blocked but Saved' PM message in the message viewer to reply to the sender (like how it used to be before Yahoo! redid their Offline Messages window causing us to have to create our own window for blocked/saved messages).

--> Fixed a bug in YTK's Quick Voice Ignoring of Voiced Users on the Mic that caused YM to hang for some users.

--> 100% official support for Yahoo!'s new YMSG protocol version 17.

--> 100% official support for Yahoo! Messenger 10 beta (up to build 525).


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