Friday, February 5, 2010

eMule 0.49c AnalyZZUL v3.1 Build 100204 Beta by Tuxman

eMule 0.49c AnalyZZUL v3.1 (Beta!)
Build 100204 aktualisiert, übrigens. Neue CA-Version is' drin.

modified by Tuxman, inspired by pesti
WHAT   | BY            | DESCRIPTION
IMPV | Tuxman | added support for more file types
UPDT | WiZaRd/zz_fly | Client Analyzer 1.5 incl. Anti-Corruption
FIX | WiZaRd | friend detection fix
IMPV | Tuxman | Spread Priority v2: see below
IMPV | Tuxman | added separators to upload priority menu
FIX | Tuxman | fixed a crash in friends list (from v3.0)
Spread Priority v2 fixes a bug and adds a per-file setting
(enabled by default). Note that the particular menu item is
only available if "Use per-file setting" is also enabled in
order to avoid clutter or something; if it is disabled, the
global setting affects all shared files inevitably. :-)

Dear all
stay tuned - The Final Version is ready soon!

Old Final:

Big Thanks to Tuxman

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