Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Yahoo Messenger 10 Advertisement Banner Remover and Tweak Tools

Ad Destroy 6.0 by Dermot

Ad Destroy 6.0 has been released and available in downloads in 32bit and 64bit Versions

Ad Destroy 6.0 is compatible with all official builds of Yahoo Messenger 10

If you use 9.0 or below, check for older versions of Ad Destroy.



Remove Advertisements
Enable Polygamy
Enable Smiley Search
Disable Buzz! Sound
Disable Yupdater
Disable smileys
Disable Audibles
Remove Plugins area/Y!Mobile/Y!insider
Disable Chat Abuse Link
Toggle Nicknames/Usernames
Enable Messenger Debug Options
Disable Yahoo! Messenger at Startup


1) Ad destroy will Prompt UAC if on Vista or Windows 7
2) Make sure it picks up your current installed Messenger Version
3) If you get a patching error, use browse and try patch again!
4) Use version fix if your version is wrong!
5) Will only remove the buddylist ad out of builds 10
5) Yes i have removed support for older builds and old beta builds
6) Transition Ad is not removed!
7) Some options are able to be toggled!
8) 64 bit users please use program files x86 folder if not auto done!
9) Please use send bug report if bug persists!
10) Please Post errors and issues @


151.20 KB 151.62 KB

Ad Banner Remover Plus Version

Advert Options:

Main Messenger Advert - Removable
Change Room Banner - Replaceable
Chat Room Advert - Removable
Webcam Adverts - Replaceable
Video Call Advert - Replaceable

Other Options:

Enable / Disable Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger 10, 9, or 8
Disable "Automatically start Yahoo Messenger" - When Windows Starts
Enable/Disable Smiley Search - Yahoo Messenger 10 Only

Yahoo UI Options:

Yahoo UI Options are for Yahoo Messenger 10 Only

Remove Insider, Email, Mobile, and Voice buttons
Remove Insider, Email, Mobile, Voice buttons and Plugins Toolbar
Remove Insider, Email, Mobile, Voice buttons and YUpdates Tab
Remove Plugins Toolbar and YUpdates Tab
Remove Plugins Toolbar
Remove YUpdates Tab
Remove Contact Card
Remove All
Restore All Changes




1.21 MB

Patched Ads Free YahooMessenger.exe v10.0.0.1102 by Dedndave
offset 74C9Bh: 84h -> 85h

2.24 MB

Patched Ads Free + No Plugins in GUI, Enable debug
YahooMessenger.exe (v10.0.0.1102)

1.47 MB

Y!AddsBlocker by Islam Group

Blocks some Ads also in Windows Hosts file - Backup your hosts file, it will be replaced!! Program extract in system32\drivers\etc\AutoPlay

Sys write access locks the file: urls.xml in folder \Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\cache

ATTRIB -R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
ECHO "" >"%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
ATTRIB +R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
cacls "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml" /E /P %username%:N

3.40 MB extracted: Y!AddsBlocker.7z 2.48 MB

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Final (Offline Installer) and other Yahoo! Tools

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