Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cabos 0.8.2

Cabos ist ein auf LimeWire und Acquisition basierendes Gnutella Programm zum gemeinsamen Dateienaustausch. Es ist kostenlos erhältich und beinhaltet keine Spyware oder Adware.

Cabos bietet eine einfache Oberfläche mit Seitenleiste, Verbindungen mit Firewalls und Proxies, universelles Plug and Play, Integration in iTunes + iPod und Creative Commons, Suche nach Neuheiten sowie internationale Suche und mehr.
System Anforderungen

Windows 2000 (oder höher), Mac OS X 10.2.8 (oder höher), Mac OS 8.6 (oder höher).

Cabos is Gnutella file sharing program based on LimeWire and Acquisition. It is free software. No spyware. No adware. Guaranteed. Cabos provides a simple sidebar interface, firewall to firewall transfers, proxy transfers, Universal Plug and Play, iTunes + iPod integration, Creative Commons integration, "What's New?" searches, international searches and more. Cabos requires Windows 2000 or later, Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, Mac OS 8.6 or later.

ChangeLog (cabos - 0.8.1)
[en] [ja]

Separated release number by platform.
Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X Jaguar/Panther are Version 0.7.10.
Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard and Windows are Version 0.8.1.

Fixed serious bug bug about registering UPnP.
Fixed serious bug about adding alternate download location.
Fixed core initialization.
Tweaked swan downloading.
Improved locale preferencing.
Supported video tags in audio column.
Updated HostCache and IP2Language and SpamManager.

Fixed window drawing bug.
Updated Hungarian localization (thx! > AppTransTeam Hungary).
Warn at dialog before removing all queries.
Ability to toggle filter toolbar button.
Remember sidebar width.
Remember column width per query.
Red-out spam files in search results.
Rollback text drawing code in listbox.
Disabled iTunes integration and Metal appearance in Leopard.



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